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Missing Children by Cowboy Junkies

no capo! [intro] Am -------- F Em Am [verse] Am You only see them briefly Perhaps just one edition Their end-of-year photo stares out You only see them briefly And it's muggin' politicians Cock-eyed, their faces stare out [chorus] F But for some their image still burns bright Em Like the glow of a tiger or a light Am Switched-off, but once stared-at With such intense concentration [verse] Am You only see them briefly Then it's idle conversation Their perfect f

Natural by Imagine Dragons

no capo! [verse] Dm Well, you hold the line When every one of them is giving up or giving in tell me A In this house of mine Nothing ever comes without a consequence or cost, tell me Dm Will the stars align Will heaven step in? will it save us from our sin? will it? A 'cause this house of mine stands strong [pre chorus] Dm That's the price you pay A Leave behind your heartache cast away

Oseng Mercon by Happy Asmara

[intro] E C#m F#m B G#m A F#m - B - E - ( B ) [verse] E C#m Wes ora perlu mbok getuni uripmu F#m B Wes ora perlu kowe nelongso G#m A Kabeh mau wes dadi pilihanmu F#m Urip sesandingan B E F#m B Karo wong sing mbok tresnani E C#m Rasah mbok pikir wong arep ngomong opo F#m B Rasah digagas yen lagi bojomu kumat G#m A Anggep wae

Ku Bela Sampai Mati by Kery Astina

no capo [intro] F --- Bb - C - F --- Bb - ( F ) [verse] F 1, 2, 3 kau berlari Tuk menangkan harga diri Tak peduli yang terjadi Bb F Tempatmu selalu di hati Kan ku bela sampai mati Walau hanya dari tv, yeah [interlude] F --- Bb - C - F --- Bb - C [verse] F Bb Ku tak punya jersey asli C F Namun cinta ini ori Bb Aku rela pergi pagi C F Harga calo aku beli Bb Aku yakin bukan mimpi C Tahun ini angkat trophy [choru

Hanya Tuhan Yang Tahu 2018 by Fitri Haris

no capo [verse] Am Dm Ku pendamkan perasaan ini E Am Ku rahsiakan rasa hati ini F#m Dm Melindungkan kasih yang berputik E Am Tersembunyi di dasar hati Am Dm Ku pohonkan petunjuk illahi E Am Hadirkanlah insan yang sejati F#m Dm Menemani kesepian ini E Mendamaikan sekeping hati [chorus (1)] Am Oh tuhanku F G C Berikanlah ketenangan abadi E Am F#m G Untukku meng

Ditinggal Lagi by Adista

no capo! [intro] C G Am F [verse] C Kau pergi tinggalkan aku G tak pernah bilang-bilang kepadaku Am F kau hanya bisa sakiti perasaanku C Jauhnya kau tinggalkanku G sampai-sampai kau tak pernah Am F Peduli padaku, padaku [musik] C G Am F [verse] C Ku mencintai dirimu kekasih G tapi mengapa kau tinggalkan diriku Am kau tinggalkan kedua kalinya F Sakit hati ini C mengapa kau selalu sakiti aku G tak pernah bisa mencin

Toreh Sembilu by Rheina

original / tanpa capo [intro] Bbm F D#m Bbm D#m Bbm F# F Bbm F [verse] Bbm Kau buka pintu hati ini D#m Bbm Yang tlah lama terbelenggu D#m Bbm Setelah musnah cintaku yang pertama F F# - F Hilang tiada pertanda Bbm Sekian lamanya ku tahan D#m Bbm Derita di dalam jiwa D#m Bbm Ku harap kasih engkau akan setia F Bbm Mengobat luka di dada D#m Bbm Ternyata cintamu sandiwara F

Your Instagram by Tyler Ward

capo : 1st fret [verse] C Blurry yellow dashes on the interstate I can see her laughing G As they drive away C He's got wall street money and that west coast fame F She captions "happy G I'm glad i got away F Yeah you got away [chorus] Am G C We --- made plans Am G C F But you left this broken heart in me Am G C Couldn't miss your chance F And i don't need to G

It's The Weekend by Kovacs

no capo! [verse] C I know it's not good G - C To be smoking in the morning sun C But the way i feel now G Is the best thing i've ever done C G - C Watching everybody G - C Else do a healthy run C G But i'm in such a good mood G - C I don't care if i'm ( ? ) [chorus] G 'cause it's the weekend, weekend, weekend Em C Noth

Jumpsuit by Twenty One Pilots

Capo : 2nd fret [intro] Am Am Em Am Dm Am Em Am Dm Am Em Am Dm Am Em Am Dm [chorus] F E I can't believe how much i hate Am G pressures of a new place roll my way F E Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me Am G Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me F E I crumble underneath the weight Am G pressures of a new place roll my way F E Ju