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Wes Bedo by Vita Alvia

Capo : 3 [intro] Cm G Fm Cm G Fm G [verse] Cm Fm Biasane riko bisikaken Bb Cm Ngucap welas ugo kangen Fm Saikine wes bedo anane Bb Cm Opo wes lali nong janjine G Cm Serto sun takoni malah ngeloro ati G# Bb Cm Sing kuat isun ngabeti [musik] Cm G# Bb G G# Fm G Cm G# Fm Bb Cm G# Bb G Cm [reff] Cm Fm Hang sun eman, hang sun kudang kudang G Cm Kok malah nantang ngajak pisahan Fm

Adek Berjilbab Ungu by SMVLL

Capo : 4 [intro] D G A D Bm G A D [verse] D G Oi ade bejilbab ungu A D Cantik manis cak ulat bulu Bm Em Dapat salam dari ayah ibu A D Tamat kuliah jadi menantu [verse] D G Adek jangan senga mak itu A D Mentang kakak ni bujang buntu Bm Em Kecik igo ngelamar kau A D Tinggal berdoa allah yang bantu [verse] D

Imajinasi by Titi DJ

No capo! [verse] C Berkali kali ku tlah mencoba Fm G C Maaf dan percayakan kamu C Lengahku akan semua janjimu Fm G Am Terlampau larut buaimu Dm G Em Katamu kau kan hentikan Dm G C Derai air mataku ini Am G Em Am Namun kembali kau lukai hati Dm G Yang bahkan belum sembuh sempurna [reff] Dm Imajinasi G Em Am Dm Coba berimajinasi ku menjadimu Fm G Kau menjadi aku

Typo by Lyrica Anderson

capo: 1st fret [intro] Dm Am Dm Am [verse] Dm ---you say this is the last time Am ---you say you wouldn't make me cry Dm ---you cheated and i don't know why Am ---you make me feel [chorus] Am you make me feel some ( Dm----- Am ) ( Dm- Am ) typo way Am you make me feel some ( Dm----- Am ) ( Dm- Am ) typo way [verse] Dm I don't understand How you supposed to be my man Am Now you can't keep your dick in your pants Now you mad i've got a new man now Dm ---what the fvck yo

The Other Side by UNKLE

capo : 2nd fret [intro] Em----- Am- Em-- [verse] Em this spatial devotion But i'll never let you down again D I lay with the embers Em Won't you crystalize the compliment These pathways run for us D We condensed the loneliness ( ? ) My love just ain't funny Em i will never let you down again [chorus] Em well come with me to the other side Am and be the man, i will be the bride Em it's the night, make your m

I Don't Know How To End by Zella Day

no capo! [intro] Bb Dm Gm F Bb Dm Gm F [verse (1)] Bb Dm when you hear my voice Gm F You can always find the summer Bb Dm hanging onto your coattails Cm F In a long beach harbor Bb Dm queen mary lays out Gm F In her red lingerie Cm When some of the time D#m It’s most of the time [chorus] Bb I don’t know how to end Dm Cm ( ooh-ooh ) Bb I don’t

Paradise by We Three

no capo! [verse] D Things get awkward when you act like that A D And you get nervous when i get too mad A D Both throwing punches and it huts so bad A Let me say, let me say Bm D Let me say i'm sorry [refrain] A Bm think i'm stuck in the middle D Of your paradise A Bm and i'm not trying to ruin D All your pretty lies A Bm i don't w

No Filter by Ward Thomas

capo: 1st fret [verse (1)] Bm We're dressed to the nines We stress that we're fine G D A Go out every night, hey Bm We're lost in the dark We're barely a spark G We're both just pretending D A We're something we're not [pre-chorus] G I re-position my hands, my hair Bm A My cheek, so you might listen to me G I've been conditioned to win Bm ( A D ) A piec

Auld Lang Syne by Diamante

no capo! [verse (1)] C G Should auld acquaintance be forgot C F And never brought to mind? Am G Should auld acquaintance be forgot Am F C And auld lang syne? [verse (2)] C G For auld lang syne, my dear C F For auld lang syne Am G We'll take a cup of kindness yet Am F C For auld lang syne [instrumental] Am F Em G [verse (3)] C G And surely you will buy y

There You Are by ZAYN

capo: 3rd fret [intro] C Only you know me, the way you know me G Only you forgive me, when i'm sorry [verse (1)] C Need you when i'm broken G When i'm fixed C Need you when i'm well G When i'm sick F Friends that i rely on G Don't come through F They run like the river G But not you [pre-chorus] C Can't see when i'm falling losing myself But then i hear you calling [chorus] F There you are G There you are F You're ther