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Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo

1 month ago

capo: 3rd fret [verse (1)] G I got my driver's license last week Just like we always talked aEmbout, cause you were so excited for me To finally drive up to your Chouse, but today I drove through the suburbs Crying 'cause you weren't aGround G And you're probably with that blonde girl, who always made me doubt Em She's so much older than me, she's everything I'm insecure about Yeah, toCday I drove through the suburbs 'Cause how could I ever love someone Gelse? [chorus] And CI know Read more

Anyone by Justin Bieber

1 month ago

capo: 2nd fret [verse (1)] C dance with me under the Fdiamonds C see me like breath in the Gcold C sleep with me here in the Fsilence C come kiss me, silver and Ggold [pre chorus] You say Amthat i won't lose you But you can't pFredict the future So just hold Con like you will never let goG Yeah, Cif you ever move on withFout me C i need to make sure you know [chorus] That Cyou are the Fonly Amone i'll eGver love (I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya) Yeah, Cyou, if it's Fnot you, Amit's not aGnyo Read more

Good Days by SZA

1 month ago

capo: 4th fret [verse (1)] CGood day in my mind, seemed to take a step out Get some Em7air now, cut your edge out Too soon, I spoke You be Am7heavy in my mind, can you get the heck out? I need Grest now, got me bummed out You so, you so, you, Cbaby, baby, babe I been on my Em7empty mind shit [pre chorus] I try to keep from Am7losing the best of me I worry that I Gwasted the best of me on you, baby You don't careC Said I'm not tryna be a nuisance, it's just urgentEm7 Tryna make sense of loose c Read more

I'm in The Mood for Dancing by Yuju

2 months ago

no capo! [intro] A B Dm AA B Dm F#m EA E D Bm EA E D Bm E [chorus] A I'm in the mood for Edancing roDmancin' Ooh I'm Bmgivin' it allE tonight A I'm in the mood for Echancin' I feel like Ddancin' Ooh so Bmcome on and Ehold me tight [post chorus] DDancin', I'm in the mood Babe E So let the music play Ooh, I'm Ddancin' I'm in the groove babe So Eget up and let your body sway [chorus] C I'm in the mood for Gdancin' roFmancin', You know I Dmshan't ever Gstop tonight C I'm in Read more

Cry For Me by Twice

2 months ago

no capo! [intro] Cm F7 Bb D7 [verse (1)] CmI know gochyeo sseul yeojido eobsdF7an geol hajiman geunyeowa dalli Bbnan geol swibge nwajul mam-i eobsgeodeD7un (never let go) You don't knCmow me I'll never hear your hF7atred ibyeol daesin nBban sunjinhan misoman bonaego ne pum-e D7angillae, oh [pre chorus] Cmamugeosdo moleuneun cheog Baby no more real love F7neoui gyeot-e iss-eo jullae majimag-eun break your heart Bb Bad boy, bad boy Yeah, you really make me a D7mad girl, mad girl Whoa oh oh [chorus Read more

Snow Flower by V BTS ft. Peakboy

1 month ago

capo: 4th fret [intro] Gmaj7 Em7 Am7 D7 [verse] Gmaj7Hey snow It’s coming Em7today mwol junbihaAm7myeon dwae neol bangil junD7bin ok Gmaj7hwesaek canvas wie Em7fallin nega deopeoAm7jumyeon dwae sesangeul neD7ge julge Gmaj7 chagaun gyejeol soge nega oneun geon eEm7vent nae Am7blue and greyreul nogyeojul ttatteuthan neD7ge Gmaj7Christmas without you would just not be Christmas at Em7all Am7pright mistletoes up above us it’s just you and D7me (I love you) [chorus] Gmaj7on sesangi hayan kk Read more

Acting Like That by YUNGBLUD

2 months ago

capo: 1st fret [verse (1)] C who's that knoGckin' at four in the Bmmorning?Em (four in the morning) C cause it don't raGin, but tonight it's BmpouringEm (tonight it's pouring) C uh, you like iGt more when i ignBmore it Em(you like it, yeah) C and since i leGft, la got Bmboring Em(since i've been gone, yeah) C G hey, i'm back on my Bmbullshit you're a Emlibra, i'm a Ctaurus heard you Ghooked back up with Bmyour ex and now you're aEmsleep on my doorstep [chorus] you're Cway too hot to be Read more

Hate You by Yerin Baek

2 months ago

capo: 1st fret [verse] C i hate watching you Flaughing with all your crew G i decided to Cnot to give a fuck now C when you people Amtalked shits and made fun of Dmme i was so helpless, Ccouldn't do a thing C when will someone Fever say no to you, Gfuck boi you think this Cis funny, don't you C there is someone, Amwho can't eat or pDmray 'cause of Cyou (i just can't deal with it) [chorus] Ami really hate you but someChow, i could teach you some more Am you're making yourDmself go crazy B Read more

Another Year by FINNEAS

2 months ago

capo: 2nd fret [verse (1)] it never sDnows in Bmla you'd never kEmnow it was a Aholiday i don't beDlieve that jesus christ was born to Bmsave me that's an Emawful lot of pressure for a Ababy but here we Dare again, with famiBmly or friends some extra Emtime to spend and i'm not mad aAbout it don't waste a Ddime on me just want your Bmcompany beside a Emchristmas tree, if the dog alAlows it [chorus] Dhurry home, please, Bmi don't belonEmg withouAt you Dyour ice-cold feet; Bmwrite all my songEms a Read more

What Do I Call You by Taeyeon

2 months ago

capo: 2nd fret [verse] FHello neon stranger E7 nameun geon byeollo eopseo Ammemories, memories, memoD7ries anFnyeongira haetneunde E7 wae neon nae yeope isseo Amkeudaero keudaero keudaeD7ro eosaekhaetdeon FgonggiE7e useumi Amnasseo D7wae neomu gaFkkawotE7deon nae geoshiAmeotdeon my honey my D7daisy [pre chorus] What do I Fcall you namijanE7ha byeoril eopAmdeon cheok mareul geoD7na geureohke Fkkok kkyeo anatneunE7de So Amwhat do I call you D7now [chorus] What do I Fcall you ireol ttaeE7en ireum Read more