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Your Instagram by Tyler Ward

capo : 1st fret [verse] C Blurry yellow dashes on the interstate I can see her laughing G As they drive away C He's got wall street money and that west coast fame F She captions "happy G I'm glad i got away F Yeah you got away [chorus] Am G C We --- made plans Am G C F But you left this broken heart in me Am G C Couldn't miss your chance F And i don't need to G

It's The Weekend by Kovacs

no capo! [verse] C I know it's not good G - C To be smoking in the morning sun C But the way i feel now G Is the best thing i've ever done C G - C Watching everybody G - C Else do a healthy run C G But i'm in such a good mood G - C I don't care if i'm ( ? ) [chorus] G 'cause it's the weekend, weekend, weekend Em C Noth

Jumpsuit by Twenty One Pilots

Capo : 2nd fret [intro] Am Am Em Am Dm Am Em Am Dm Am Em Am Dm Am Em Am Dm [chorus] F E I can't believe how much i hate Am G pressures of a new place roll my way F E Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me Am G Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me F E I crumble underneath the weight Am G pressures of a new place roll my way F E Ju

Hatiku Pilu (Ditinggal Rabi 2) by Nella Kharisma

original / tanpa capo! [intro] Em C G B [verse] Em C netes banyu motoku G Kelingan esemmu B Mageh ono gambar waru Em Neng njero atiku C Remuk tenan rosoku G Nyakseni akadmu B Senadyan loro aku macak C Tegar neng ngarepmu [pre chorus] G B Hatiku pilu, hatiku pilu [musik] Em C G B [chorus] Em nelongso tenan rasane neng jero atiku D nyakseni

Teng Teng Crit by Nella Kharisma

capo : fret 1 [intro] C G F G C C G F G C G [verse] C Em Dek wes suwe ra ketemu Am F Aku kangen marang sliramu Dm G lungguh jejero ning sandingku C Nggo tombo kangenku C Em Mas aku wes ning sandingmu Am F Yen wes jejer terus gek ndang ngopo Dm G C ojo di sio sio waktu sing wes ono [musik] F G C G Am Dm G C [chorus (1)]

Jaran Goyang 3 by Nella Kharisma

capo : fret 1 [intro] Em C D Bm Em C D Bm [verse (1)] Em C Jatuh cinta, pernah ku jatuh cinta Am C Bm Siang dan malam hanya terbayang dimata Em C Sungguh gila, sampai tergila gila Am C Bm Kau guna guna aku, apapun ku jadi rela [pre verse] C Kini aku tersadar D Em Kau buat cintaku tak wajar [verse (2)] C Kau lakukan tirakat 3 hari 3 malam D Tuk

Can't Look Away by Seafret

without capo!! [verse] Em G i knew that we'd be more than friends When i saw you shining Am somewhere in my heart i knew Somewhere in my heart Em G holding on to my belief That you ( ? ) hard faith Am knew you'd pull my world apart I knew it from the start Em all the love you gave me G you know it made me strong C filled with life, now back to life I know where i belong Em i'll never let them break me G i'll never do no wrong A

Walls by Jamie N Commons

no capo [verse] Gm F Yeah i know-woah-ow C It's been a hard time my dear Gm F Yeah i know-woah-ow C It's been a long time my dear Gm F It seems times are always changing C Hmmm right here [chorus] Gm That i will be a savior F Biding through the flames Eb When the walls come falling down

Halalkan by Ecko Show

capo : fret 1 [intro] F G Am Am [verse] F C Bawa aku dalam kehidupanmu Am Jadi tulang rusukmu F Am Dm Am Ibu dari malaikat kecilmu [musik] F G Am Am F G Am Am [rap (1)] F Lembar demi lembar kalender kita lewati G Susah dan senang s'lalu kita nikmati Dm Sejauh apapun hubungan yang kita lalui C Di mata orang tua hubungan tak diakui F Kita perlu solusi tuk dapat direstui G Tekad kita miliki satukan dua sisi Am Kesam

No Less Violent by Bury Tomorrow

[intro] A F D A F D [verse (1)] A Keep back or remain silent, why? Because we're no less violent F Keep back or remain silent, why? Are you sure you want to try that D Knowing that your life is finite? [chorus] A C A life i spent alone G C I'm just skin and bone ( how could you not see? ) A C G You beg and plead down on your knees C ( how could you not see? ) [verse (2)] A Keep back or remain silent, why? B