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Paloma by Fred De Palma ft. Anitta

14 hours ago

capo: 6th fret [intro] Am G de palma G Am anitta [verse] Am F Dimmi che tutto adesso è come sembra G Che la nostra vita è ritornata come prima Am F E se guardo fuori dalla finestra G Il sole sta scaldando ancora il mondo mentre gira Am F E tu sei come quella melodia G Perché ti ho sempre in testa notte e giorno e non vai via Am F Dimmi che nonostante tutt Read more ..

0ffline by Tha Supreme ft. bbno$

15 hours ago

capo: 1st fret [chorus] Dm A7 Dm A7 Dovrei con la mia mente, veramente staccare, andare 0ffline Dm A7 Dimmi perché, sempre te, che non sei dei miei B A7 Con la tua faccia da so tutto, poi non sai mai un cazzo fra’ Dm A7 Dm A Dovrei dire a ‘sta gente che non sente frate appiccia ‘sto blunt Dm A7 Mi vengono le coliche, bro di Read more ..

Chico by Guè Pequeno ft. Rose Villain, Luchè

15 hours ago

capo: 3rd fret [intro] Em G The eyes, chico, they never lie C B I can see it in your eyes, chico, they never lie Em G The eyes, chico, they never lie C I can see it in your eyes, chico, they never lie 'NC' ( g-u-e ) [strofa (1)] Em G se stanotte muoio in questa suite C Dite a universal di far uscir le mie nuove hit Em G Cosicché Read more ..

Reckless Love by Seventh Day Slumber

16 hours ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] Bb C Bb F C F Bb F [verse] Dm C Bb before i spoke a word, you were singing over me F C Bb F you have been so, so good -- to me Dm C Bb before i took a breath, you breathed your--life in me F C Bb F you have been so, so kind -- to me [chorus] Dm F Bb F O, the overwhelming, never-endin Read more ..

A Friend Like You by Nicklas Sahl

16 hours ago

capo: 1st fret [verse (1)] Gm F Dear mister popstar, you're my only friend C When they played you on the radio, it changed everything Gm F C Gave me hope and - i was hopeless Gm F See, i had a girlfriend, she left me like you C When i heard that in your lyrics, man, i felt it too Gm F C And it's hard times - hiding from daylight [bridge] Bb I'm readin' your Read more ..

Nostalgia City by The Palms

1 day ago

capo: 3rd fret [intro] Am Dm G Em Am Dm G Em [verse] Am Dm too many things get the best of us G Em life is hard till we're all supernovas now Am Dm almost like she was testing us G Em With nothing left to lose Am Dm she said things that we couldn't believe G Am falling leaves from her trees, we can't breathe at all Dm Read more ..

Getting Closer by Yellow Days

1 day ago

no capo! [intro] D Bm D Em D Bm D Em [verse] D Bm I woke up this morning D Em And to my surprise D Bm As the day was dawning D Em There's nothing on my mind D Bm Yeah, it's been a long time D Em Yeah, it's been a while D Bm Since i got out of bed D Em Oh, with a smile, ooh [chorus] D Bm D Em i'm getting closer, oh D Bm D Em Read more ..

Rain In LA by The Palms

1 day ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] E--- D- E-- A-- [verse] E We got violence in our schools A E yet they try to tell you D Don't break the rules--- E People praying And they're saving For the good times D And the bad times E We got violence A In our schools [chorus] E The things that they say The games that they play D Oh, the way people change When it rains in la E We drift and we break As we're riding the Read more ..

CHILL by Popcaan

1 day ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] F killy dem ah pull up one one four gyal jump out ah one van dey can tell seh dem ah g-wagon fan ( weh! ) [verse] C Dm Mi nah do nuh work today Bb If yuh ah work, mi nah wan' see yuh company F Joshua bring di weed and di rum fi mi, ray gad C Dm gone pon ah vaca--vacation Bb lobster pon di grill spend ah couple mill F hennessy ah chill, yeah C gy Read more ..

Design by Hendersin

1 day ago

no capo! [verse (1)] F Dm You can see it in my face ( aw yeah, aw yeah ) Bb Dm There's a dream i need to chase ( aw yeah, aw yeah ) F Dm And i'm addicted to the race ( aw yeah, aw yeah ) Bb Dm But don't you worry 'bout my pace ( aw yeah, haha ) F Dm I'm tryna take the fam on tour ( aw yeah, aw yeah ) Bb Read more ..

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