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Shotgun by George Ezra

no capo! [intro] F Bb Dm C [verse (1)] F Home grown alligator, see you later Dm Gotta hit the road C Gotta hit the road F Something changed in the atmosphere Bb Architecture unfamiliar F C i could get used to this [pre-chorus] F Bb Time flies by in the yellow and green Dm Stick around C And you'll see what i mean F There's a mountaintop that Bb I'm dreaming of

Ae Watan by Arijit Singh

no capo! D Ae watan Mere watan Ae watan aabaad rahe tu Aabaad rahe tu ( aabaad rahe tu ) D G Ae watan, watan mere, aabaad rahe tu D Ae watan, watan mere, aabaad rahe tu Ae watan, watan mere, aabaad rahe tu D E Main jahan rahun A Jahaan me yaad rahe tu D E Main jahan rahun A Jahaan me yaad rahe tu D Ae watan mere watan Ae watan mere watan G Am Tu hi meri manzil, pehchan tujhi se A D Tu

17 Agustus 1945 by Lagu Wajib Nasional

[versi dangdut] D Tujuh belas agustus tahun empat lima A Itulah hari kemerdekaan kita G D Hari merdeka nusa dan bangsa A D Hari lahirnya bangsa indonesia G A D Merdeka A Sekali merdeka tetap merdeka D G D Selama hayat masih di kandung badan G D G D Kita tetap setia tetap sedia G A D Mempertahankan indonesia G D G

Menangislah Karna Dosa by D'Paspor / D'Pas4

no capo! [intro chorus] E Am Kuatkanlah imanmu, kuatkanlah ragaku E Am Kuatkanlah imanmu, kuatkanlah [intro music] Am E Dm Am Dm Am E Am [verse (1)] Am Jangan menangis karena cinta ( karena cinta ) Dm Menangislah karena dosa G Jangan bersedih ditinggal kekasih ( kekasih ) E Am Bersedih ingat dosamu [verse (2)] Am Sabar sabarlah dan sabarlah ( dan sabarlah ) Dm Berdoa pada yang

Go to the Light by Murder By Death

no capo! [verse (1)] B G A lonesome star in a bitter sky Em B I hear the hungry ghosts D Calling out in the night A D Just a couple victims B A Em Of this brutal reprise D Am i strong enough B To let things just die? [chorus] Em G B I fight and i fight Em B Just to keep the spark alive Em But if there's nothing B A Em On the other side

Stormbreaker by The Coral

no capo! [intro] Em- D- C- A-- G- F#- D- Em--- [verse (1)] Em she breaks the storm D The rain surrounds you Em hands her your pain D And you forgive her Em D- You will forgive her [verse (2)] Em she calls this life D Her last temptation Em the seas will rise D And you'll believe her Em ( D ) You will believe her [chorus] ( Em She's a stormbreaker D- C- A-- G-

Eyes Of The Moon by The Coral

no capo! [intro] Dm---- Dm Am Dm Am [verse] Dm I follow the traces Am She moves on the sand Dm Like echoes of laughter Am From a far away land [chorus] F G Patterns she makes C Am In the eyes of the moon F G When she's dancing like a child Dm Am In and out of tune [verse] Dm Like ghosts on the shore Am We move out of sight Dm The neighbours they whisper Am 'neath black satin skies

XTCY by Kanye West

no capo! [intro] G#m D#m i want you to come to me, ecstasy Am Em Uh, ecstasy, ecstasy, ecstasy Am Em Ecstasy, ecstasy, ecstasy Am Em Ecstasy, ecstasy, ecstasy Am Em Ecstasy, ecstasy, ecstasy Am Ecstasy [verse] Am you got sick thoughts? Em I got more of 'em Am you got a sister-in-law you would smash? Em I got four of them Am

Mama Always Told Me by Tyler Ward

no capo! [intro] C Am C Am [verse] C Middle of the summer Am C Am Where the sun sets red C I'm getting used to these bloodshot Am C Am Eyes and cigarettes C But will i ever get the words you Am C Am Said out of my head C It's like my whole world been Am C Am A mess since you left [pre chorus] C Put down an empty glass Am Over our cold C Spinning reco

Biar Seken Tapi Pulen by Tessa Amelia

capo di fret 1 [intro] Bm Em C#m D Bm Em F# [verse] Bm Aku seorang wanita Em Pernah gagal berumah tangga D Menyandang status janda F# Kemana mana ku digoda Bm Tapi aku gak malu Em Nyatanya ku banyak yang mau D Semua orang tau F# Gini gini juga masih laku [chorus] Bm Ting ting ting Em Ku bukan perawan ting ting C#m Ping ping ping D 'bb tetep banyak yang ping Bm Sing sing sing Em Banyak cowok bikin pusing F# Bikin kepala tuing tuing B