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Motor Keranjang by SMVLL

Capo : 7! [intro] C Em F G 2X [verse] C G F G Minggu pagi ku siap tuk terjang C G F G Hari ini dengan semangat yang C G Tak pernah henti F G C G F G Untuk mengejar mentari [verse] C G F Dan tak lupa ku awali G C G F Dengan memanaskan motor "Funky" G C G Yang kencang bagaikan embun pelangi F G C G F G Dan ku siap untuk jalani [verse] F

Senja & Pagi by Alffy Rev

Capo : 7 [intro] C G F 2X [verse] C G Pernahkah kau terluka F Tanpa makna dan seakan Am C F Mengikuti garis yang tak jelas C G Pernahkah kau ragukan F Adil tuhan dan seakan Am C F Merasa bahwa takdir yang salah [verse] Dm Am Hingga tiba saatnya F Ku berhenti bertanya Dm C Ruang dan waktu menjawabnya F G Dengan haadirmu Dalam sederha

I Heart You by Baby Ariel

capo: 3rd fret [intro] Am F C C [verse] Am Why do you never consider me F Are you my friend or my enemy C F Fueling all my insecurities Am You and your secret identities F Giving me only bad energy C F You should be only my remedy [bridge] Am I - cry and you sigh F I - try and you fight C I - say you're blind And you say i'm out of my mind Am F C i - think you're losing your mind ( no chord ) Bu

Don't Give Up On Me by Andy Grammer

capo: 3rd fret [verse] C i will fight G I will fight for you Am I always do until my heart F Is black and blue C And i will stay G I will stay with you Am We'll make it to the other side F Like lovers do [pre chorus] C I'll reach my hands out in the dark G And wait for yours to interlock Am I'll wait for you F I'll wait for you [chorus] C 'cause i'm not givin' up I'm not givin'

Greatest Love by Ciara

capo: 6rd fret [intro] Am Dm it's the greatest love F C Oh, woahhh Am F Oh, na na na, na na [chorus] C Am You're the greatest love i ever seen Dm Where you are, i'm gonna be C To top it off, you been there for me Am Never change your energy Dm F 'cause only you got what i need Am Dm I'll give you everything in me F I'll ride for you Am

Amnesia by Mark Adam

No capo! [intro] C Em F G# [verse] C Em Baru bersua namanya aku terlupa F Hanya karena mata G# Senyuman yang manis ku tergoda C Em Rambut bicara sopan santun anak dara F Pandai berkata G# Tak ku denganku karena ku terpaku [verse] C Em Ini lagu ku nyanyikan untukmu sayang F Andai kau mendengar G# Ku tunggu di pintu pasar malam C Berbaju putih Em Seluar jeans warna hitam F G# Tiada bert

How Wonderful by UPPERROOM

capo: 2nd fret [intro] D just lift up your hands G lift up your hands D just take in a deep breath G just breathe it in [spontaneous] D there's power in the name of jesus G There is love in the name of jesus D there is life in the name of jesus G There is power in the name of ( just breathe in his name ) D there is breath in the name of jesus G There is - life in the name D There is - love in his name G There is - love in his name

Lightning by Bag Raiders

capo: 4rd fret [verse (1)] Am C So--- long G D I've been walking this world alone Am Never thought i needed C G D Anyone like you Am C But now it's too late G D I'm lost, i can't be saved Am C And i'm so far gone from anything G D I knew [refrain] Am 'cause you struck me C G D Down like lightning in my mind Am C once in my life like lightni

Talk by Khalid

no capo! [chorus] C Can't we just talk? G Can't we just talk? Em C Talk about where we're goin' C Before we get lost G Let me out first Em Can't get what we want C Without knowin' C Dm I've never felt like this before Em I apologize if i'm movin' too far C Can't we just talk? G Can't we just talk? Em C Figure out where we're goin' [verse (1)] F G Yeah, started

Bye Love by Gabby Barrett

capo: 1st fret [verse] C I wish i would have knew that, oh oh F Before i gave my heart and soul C To you F ( i wish i would have knew ) C Tell me why'd you go and do that F While i return my loyalty C To you, oh F ( i wish i would have knew ) yeah [chorus] C oh oh, i'm blinded bye love Am ( blinded bye love ) Oh oh, i won't give up F ( give up ) Oh oh, i'm blinded b