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This Feeling by Esang De Torres

21 hours ago

no capo! [intro] F C Dm C Gm F Bb C [verse] F On the day that you came Gm C You made my heart skip a beat F C And now it's beating like Dm It's never done before Gm C For anyone F Ooh, on my mind is the thought Gm Bb F Of having you here with me for always C 'cause nothing can compare Dm With every moment Gm F That you're beside me baby [chorus (1)] Read more ..

March by Glenn Travis

22 hours ago

no capo! [verse (1)] Am C Weight in the water C I know it's hard to breathe Am C But we will withstand the war C And we know it's harder to forgive Am C Another black man, he was taken C All the sons and the daughters who gon' raise him Am C Lord knows that i'm hurting for my people C Because enough is enough [verse (2)] Am C We gotta make a stand Read more ..

Blue Star by Willie Nelson

1 day ago

no capo! [intro] E A E A [verse (1)] E A you know i'll follow you to the end E B whenever that is, we both will know E A how i will follow you again E B E anywhere that love can go [chorus] A B if i beat you to the end A B ll had a big head start it's true A B and we're just ridi Read more ..

Believe In Me by Lil Xtra

1 day ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] Dm F Dm F [verse (1)] Bb Am I met the devil at the crossroads F C And he asked me for my soul Bb Am I said only if you take me F C Long before i can grow old Bb Am And puzzled he just sat there F C And asked, "how can you think that way?" Bb Am I said, "we're all in love with dying" F Read more ..

Remember When by Chris Kläfford

2 days ago

capo: 4th fret [verse (1)] F a little smile C As you walk by it's been a while Dm Since we got high Bb I know you've got a sensitive mind F go slow C You've never been so wild, oh no Dm It ain't for lack of tryin' Bb You'll find yourself in time [chorus] F I remember when C We'd tell each other lies worth believing Dm Take me to a plac Read more ..

Kepastian by Aurel Hermansyah

2 days ago

capo: 5th fret Berikut lirik dan kunci gitar lagu aurel/Aurelie hermansyah yang berjudul "kepastian" Saya pakai capo di fret 5, jika tidak punya capo silahkan klik tombol no capo diatas dan bermainlah dengan chord original [intro] Am G F E Am G F E [verse] Am Dm aku masih menunggumu G C aku masih menantimu F Em Dm masih selalu dirimu E Dan masih tentangmu Am Dm tapi aku-- punya waktu G C karena ku tak mau ragu F Read more ..

In Any Tongue by David Gilmour

2 days ago

capo: 1st fret [verse (1)] Bm Home and done it's just begun D Em His heart weighs more, more than it ever did before Bm What has he done? god help my son D Em Hey, stay a while, i'll stay up Bm No sugar is enough to bring sweetness to his cup D Em Bm I know sorrow tastes the same on any tongue [chorus (1)] Em How was i to feel it G When a gun was in my hands C G And i'd w Read more ..

Yes, I Have Ghosts by David Gilmour

3 days ago

capo: 1st fret [verse] G D The heat of the sun stayed on through the night F Em Made specters of strangers playing games with my sight G D I passed through the station, a face in the crowd F Em The whistle was blowing, the barrier came down [chorus] G D There was my baby, in another's embrace F Em I called out her name in shame and disgrace Am Read more ..

No Pressure by Asher Angel

3 days ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] Dm F Ah yeah [verse] Dm i can take you out to the coastline F or hang out at the house like a clothes line Dm in a dress or some sweats F Girl you're so fine yeah Dm i could be the into your sane F like a movie when we make out in the rain Dm we can strip it all down F Girl in no time yeah [pre chorus] Dm Am whatever you want yeah F whatever you need Dm Am whenever they ask you F You go Read more ..

Paper Heart by Rendy Pandugo

3 days ago

no capo! [verse] F Am We know we had enough F G Am But it's one of us tryna play it tough F Am We know we had enough F G Am It's even hard to speak, let alone laugh [interlude] F Am C G [verse] F Am nothing left to say Dm 'cause i'm pretty sure G Am All the words has fade away [chorus] F tell me nothing new Am C Em C i am all ears o--ver Read more ..

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