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How You Like That [Romanized] by BLACKPINK

2 months ago

capo: 1st fret The chords that we use here is still the same as the first version, but the lyrics are 'romanized' version, if the first version still uses korean For fans of 'blackpink' outside of 'Korea' they definitely like this latest version because it is easier to read Note: we are not yet experts with korean dialect, so please correct if there are inappropriate lyrics through comments, thank you [verse (1)] F C Bolan deus-i muneojyeoss-eo F Read more ..

Dynamite by BTS

1 month ago

capo: 4th fret [intro] Am Dm G C 'Cause ah_ah, i'm in the stars tonight Am Dm G C So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight [verse (1)] Am Dm Shoes on, get up in the morn' G C Cup of milk, let's rock and roll Am Dm King kong, kick the drum G C Rolling on like a rolling stone Am Dm Sing song when i'm walking home G C Jump up to t Read more ..

Yes, I Have Ghosts by David Gilmour

2 months ago

capo: 1st fret [verse] G D The heat of the sun stayed on through the night F Em Made specters of strangers playing games with my sight G D I passed through the station, a face in the crowd F Em The whistle was blowing, the barrier came down [chorus] G D There was my baby, in another's embrace F Em I called out her name in shame and disgrace Am Read more ..

WAP by Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion

1 month ago

capo: 2nd fret [intro] Am in this house A#m Bm There's some in this house Am There's some in this house A#m Bm There's some in this house ( hol' up ) Am A#m I said certified freak, Bm Seven days a week Am A#m Wet and gushy, make that Bm Pullout game weak, woo ( ah ) [chorus] Am A#m Bm Am Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah A#m Yeah, you dealin' with some Bm wet and gushy Read more ..

Di Sepertiga Malam by Rey Mbayang

1 month ago

no capo! [intro] D A ( Bm C#m D ) E [verse] A Saat kuputuskan D Bertemu orang tuamu Bm Kuyakinkan diri D E Kaulah yang terbaik A Dan saat kau memilih D Aku yang pantas untukmu Bm Hati ini berikrar D E Tuk selalu menjagamu [chorus] A Ku yakin kaulah jawaban F#m Di setiap pintaku Bm D E Walau, kubelum tahu namamu A Bisikan di sujudku F# Di sepertiga malamku Bm Dm Untuk, kehadiranmu E ( D Read more ..

How You Like That by BLACKPINK

2 months ago

capo: 1st fret [verse (1)] F C 보란 듯이 무너졌어 F Bb 바닥을 뚫고 저 지하까지 Dm C 옷 끝자락 잡겠다고 F Bb 저 높이 두 손을 뻗어봐도 [pre chorus] Bb C 다시 캄캄한 이곳에 light up the sky F Bb 네 두 눈을 보며 i'll kiss you bye Dm C 실컷 비웃어라 꼴좋으니까 F 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 [chorus] Dm How-how you Read more ..

Ice Cream by BLACKPINK

3 weeks ago

no capo! [verse (1)] E A Come a little closer 'cause you looking thirsty E A I'ma make it better, sip it like a slurpee E A Snow cone chilly, get it free like willy ( oh ) E A In the jeans like billie, you be poppin' like a wheelie E A Even in the sun, you know i keep it icy E A You could take a lick, but it's too cold to bite me ( ha Read more ..

HOLO by Lee Hi

1 month ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] F Dm Am A# [verse (1)] F Hollo inneun ge Dm Gamanhi inneun ge Am A# Eoryeoun iringayo F Hollo isseodo Dm Gachi isseodo Am A# Weroun geon gatayo F Dm Am A# One day it will stop F Malhaneun daero Dm Saenggakhan daero Am A# Dweneun geot aningayo F Haetbicheul jjwego Dm Sum shwieo bwado Am A# Shwipjineun anneyo F Dm Am A# One day it will stop [chorus] F And i Read more ..

Stick That In Your Country Song by Eric Church

2 months ago

capo: 3rd fret [verse (1)] A Take me on up to detroit city C Jails are full, the factories empty G Mommas crying, young boys dying A Under that red white and blue still flying A Drop me off in baltimore C Where every other window's got a plywood board G Where dreams become drugs and guns A The only way out is to shoot or run A Stick that in your country song, yeah C Take that one to number one, yeah G And get the whole world singing along, yeah A Stick that in your country song, yeah A Ohoho Read more ..

Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus

1 month ago

no capo! [intro] Em Bm C Am Em Bm C Am la, la, la-la, la [verse] Em Bm yeah, it's been a long night and the mirror's telling me to go home C Am but it's been a long time since i felt this good on my own Em Bm lotta years went by with my hands tied up in your ropes C Am Forever and ever, no more [pre chorus] Cmaj7 D The midnight sky is Read more ..