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I GUESS I'M IN LOVE by Clinton Kane

2 months ago

[verse (1)] Oh, I'm obseCssed With the way your head is laying on Ammy chest How you love the things I hate about myFself And no one knows, but with Emyou, I see hope again-E-- Oh, I'm a Cmess When I overthink the little things in Ammy head You seem to always seem to help me catch my bFreath But then I lose it agaiEmn when I look at you, that's the endE-- [pre chorus] And why do AmI get so neFrvous when I Clook into your Geyes? ButterAmflies can't stop me Ffalling Gfor you [chorus] And darling, Read more

Here's Your Perfect by Jamie Miller ft. Salem ilese

1 month ago

capo: 1st fret [verse (1)] I reFmember the day even wrote down the date, that I Cfell for you And now it's cDmrossed out in red But I still can't forget if I Bbwanted to And it dFrives me insane think I'm hearing your name, everywAmhere I go But it's all in my Dmhead It's just all in my Bbhead [pre chorus] But you Fwon't see me break, call you up in three days Or send Amyou a bouquet, saying, It's a mistake Drink my tDmroubles away, one more gClass of champagne And you kBbnow [chorus] I'm the fi Read more

I'm Gonna Love You by D.O

2 months ago

capo: 3rd fret [romanized intro] Dm G Am AmDm G Am Am [verse (1)] Dmsaramdeuri da Gheunhi malhaneun Amyeonaeui ondodo Dmsarangiraneun Ggamjeongui choedae Amyuhyohan gigando Dm singyeong sseun jeok eopjAmi geunyang geureoryeoni Dm nan geujeo yeojeonhi [chorus] achimimyeon Dmcoffee han jan GmasideuAmsi haega tteumyeon Dmseojjogeul hyangGhaejideuAmsi neomu dangyeonChae neol saranghaneun Amge yeah i'm gonna, i'm gonna Dmlove-G- youAm-- [verse (2)] sumswineun geotcheoDmreom i'm gonna GloveAm-- neom Read more

Every Summertime by NIKI

2 months ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] D C D C [verse (1)] D Eighteen, we were undergrads CStayed out late, never made it to class, uh D Outer Richmond in a taxi cab CYou were sweatin' bullets on the way to my Dad's And Goh--Em-- you said, Ababy, think we're movin' too Dfast!C [pre chorus (1)] G And I swear the magEmnolias fGlashed a sDmile (Flashed a sD7mile) And tGhat's when I Bmcaught me Ghopin' you'd sEmtay a wAhile (Stay a while) [chorus] FBaby, I'd give up anything to tCravel inside your mind FBaby, I Read more

I'm Fine by D.O

2 months ago

capo: 2nd fret [romanized intro] Em Am Dm G [verse (1)] Emharun neomu gilgo Amnaneun neomu jichyeo Dmbamsae dwicheogidaG maeil saenggakae Emoneul bami jina Amnaeil bami omyeon Dmjoeun kkumeul kkumyeoG jamdeul su itgil [verse (2)] Emmaneun chueokgwa seolledeon uri Ammaeumi gieok Dmsogeseo jeomjeom sarajyeo Gganeun geon aninji [chorus] how are Emyou? neoneun jal jinaeGneunji baradeon haruFinji naege haetdeut neon Gneoegedo mureobwajwo Emnan jal jinaego isseotGdago sunganui mangseorimdo Feopsi malh Read more

Waiting For You by GANGGA

2 months ago

capo: 4th fret [chorus] Em your love was FcrazGy Em girl you had me stressed Fout and i Dmdon't feel like me Em your love was FcrazGy Em let's leave all the Fpain [verse (1)] Em-------Ci'm still waiting for Dmyou Em but you don't know what i've Fbeen thrAmough Fmaybe you don't know what you Gwant while Dmi'm still thinkin' you are the Gone for me Ci'm still fighting for Dmus Em even when i'm in my Fworst and baby Dmmaybe you don't know what you Gwant while Dmi'm still thinkin' you are the Read more

Asa Naman by Maris Racal

1 month ago

capo: 4th fret [verse (1)] F ayoko nang Cmagtiis Dm di ko na Bbkaya F sa tuwing kaiClangan na Dm nawawaBbla ka C lagi nalang drawing sa papel Bbah ah C mukha mo ay nakakahassle Bbna [chorus] asa naFman, asa naCman asa naBbman ka kaFrun? kadugay Fba, kadugay Cba kadugay Bbba sa puFhon [interlude] F C F F [verse (2)] F at saking Cpag tanda Dm ikaw ang nakiBbkita F nasan ka na Cba sinta Dm nakakapagod puBbmorma C pag ibig ba’y tumama sakin Bbah, ah C ngiti mo ay sapakin kaBbpoy!!! [ch Read more

Stoned at the Nail Salon by Lorde

2 months ago

capo: 2nd fret [verse (1)] Got a Cwishbone drying on the Dmwindowsill in my Ckitchen-F-- Just in Ccase I wake up and Dmrealize I've chosen wCrong-F-- I love this Clife that I have The Dmvine hanging over the Fdoor And the dog who comes when I Ccall But I wonDmder sometimes what I'm miFssing [pre chorus] But my Ghot blood's been burning for so many Fsummers now It's time to Ccool it down, wherever that Gleads [chorus] 'Cause Fall the beautiful Cgirls they will fade like the Groses And Fall the ti Read more

Darling by Halsey

1 month ago

no capo! [verse (1)] Creally can't remember wGhere i left my spine Fcarrying my body in a Cbag for dimes Chidden in the pages of the Gnew york times at Fhome [verse (2)] Cmaybe i'll be better Gif i take my meds Fain't a double header if Cyou lose your head Ctried a medication that i Gbought instead it's Fworking for a little but there's not much left [chorus] Amdarling Cdon't you Fweep Amthere's a pGlace for Dmme Amsomewhere Cwe can sFleep Amsee you Gin your dDmreams [verse (3)] Cever since a li Read more

Rose by D.O

2 months ago

no capo! [romanized intro] C F [verse (1)] C meonji eomneun paran haneul wiFro C baram ttaraganeun gureumcheoFreom Am meolli gaDmji marayo G geudaero Emmeomulleojweo my Ambaby nae mame Gmaeil [chorus] Dm bomnal gateun Ggeudaen yeppeoCyo--Am-- joayo Dm eotteokamyeon Gnaege olkkaCyo--Am-- ireoneun F nae moseubiG ssukseureopgo Em ganjireoweodAmo eojjeol su eopDmjo geudael sarangGhaeyo baby [verse (2)] C nuntteumyeon saenggangnaneun saraFmi C geudaeran geol geudaeneun alkkaFyo Am moreun c Read more