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Mama by Nadia Zerlindac

no capo! [intro] D G A D ( A ) [verse] D A Mama, terima kasih tuk semua G Cinta dan kasih sayangmu D A Yang selalu ada dan tak terhingga D Kini ku tahu A Hidupku bukan hari ini saja G Dulu kini dan nanti D G Doamu selalu berikan ku semangat [chorus (1)] D Terima kasih mama G Untuk segalanya Bm A Tanpa mama hidup ini tak sempurna D Terima kas

Nai Mono Nedari by Kana-Boon

no capo! [intro] C#m F# A E C#m F# A E C#m F# A E C#m F# A E C#m F# A E C#m F# A E C#m F# A E C#m F# A E [information] This song uses 4 keys, except the instrumental part Key verse change is 3x faster than the chorus [verse (1)] C#m F# A E Itsudatte wagamama bakka de C#m F# A E Kodomo mitai ne C#m F# A E Kimi datte naimono nedari C#m F# A E Nani ga hoshii no? C#m F# A E ( oshiete 2x ) [verse (2)] C#m F# A E Acchi mitari socchi wo mitari

I Look to You by Whitney Houston

[verse] C G As i lay me down Am Em Heaven hear me now Dm F I'm lost without a cause Dm G After giving it my all C G Winter storms has come Am Em And darken my sun Dm F After all that we've been through Dm G Who on earth can i turn to [chorus] C G I look to you Am Dm I look to you F Em After all my strength is

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

[verse (1)] C Em I walked across an empty land F G I knew the pathway like the back of my hand C Em I felt the earth beneath my feet F G Sat by the river and it made me complete [bridge] Am Em Oh simple thing, where have you gone F G I'm gettin' old and i need somethin' to rely on Am Em So tell me when you're gonna let me in F G I'm gettin

Melewatkanmu by Adera

no capo! [intro] A--- E--- A--- B-- ( F#m- E- A--- ) E-- B- E- F#m-- A-- B---- [verse (1)] A Melewatkanmu E Di lembaran hariku A Selalu terhenti E A E Di batas senyumanmu B Walau berakhir A B Cinta kita berdua A Hati ini tak ingin B Dan selalu berdusta [verse (2)] A Melupakanmu E Takkan mudah bagiku F#m Selalu ku coba Ab F#m A B Namun aku tak mam--pu

Are You Ready by Disturbed

no capo! [intro] F# [verse] F# Are you ready? E F# Get up, get up E F# Get up, get up E F# Get up, get up E F# Get up, get up E F# Get up, get up E F# Get up, get up F# Well are you ready now? A For the revolution F# For too long your powerhas been taken away It's been taken away does your heart feel heavy now G F# Savor the solution E Take those mental

Pa'no Ba by BoybandPH

capo : fret 2 [intro] Am Em Am Bm [verse] Am Paano ba natagpuan ang G Isang katulad mo Am Hulog ka ba ng langit at Bm Lahat binago mo Am Paano ba mapipigil G Tibok ng puso ko Am Na walang ibang nais kundi Bm Umibig sa iyo Am C Paano ba ilalarawan D G Ang buhay kong ito Eb Kung walang sapat na larawan D Sa iyo [chorus] G C Ka'y daling gawin Am D Ang ikaw ay ibigin Bm

Shotgun by George Ezra

no capo! [intro] F Bb Dm C [verse (1)] F Home grown alligator, see you later Dm Gotta hit the road C Gotta hit the road F Something changed in the atmosphere Bb Architecture unfamiliar F C i could get used to this [pre-chorus] F Bb Time flies by in the yellow and green Dm Stick around C And you'll see what i mean F There's a mountaintop that Bb I'm dreaming of

Ae Watan by Arijit Singh

no capo! D Ae watan Mere watan Ae watan aabaad rahe tu Aabaad rahe tu ( aabaad rahe tu ) D G Ae watan, watan mere, aabaad rahe tu D Ae watan, watan mere, aabaad rahe tu Ae watan, watan mere, aabaad rahe tu D E Main jahan rahun A Jahaan me yaad rahe tu D E Main jahan rahun A Jahaan me yaad rahe tu D Ae watan mere watan Ae watan mere watan G Am Tu hi meri manzil, pehchan tujhi se A D Tu

17 Agustus 1945 by Lagu Wajib Nasional

[versi dangdut] D Tujuh belas agustus tahun empat lima A Itulah hari kemerdekaan kita G D Hari merdeka nusa dan bangsa A D Hari lahirnya bangsa indonesia G A D Merdeka A Sekali merdeka tetap merdeka D G D Selama hayat masih di kandung badan G D G D Kita tetap setia tetap sedia G A D Mempertahankan indonesia G D G