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The Chase by Reese Lansangan

capo: 3nd fret [verse] D Let me tell you all about F# All about this boy G Oh, he loved me so Bb But i didn't know what love was D F# I am old enough to live alone G To figure life out on my own Bb But i still don't know what love is D So somebody tell me F# What's wrong with my mind G I shut the door too many times Must've ignored all the signs

Akhir Cinta by Via Vallen

No capo [intro] F C Am Dm G C [verse] C Dm G C Awal dari cinta liku tanpa bahagia Dm G C Sudah suratan cintaku yang pertama Dm G C Cinta tanpa kasih, tanpa akhir bahagia Dm G C Gagal dan punah pada akhir cinta duka [reff] C F G C Aku gagal kali ini tanpa tangis dan luka F C Am G C Hanya titik air mata dan senyum kehanc

Mars Cah Edan by Nella Kharisma

No capo [intro] Bm A Bm A Cm A Bm A Bm [verse] Bm Rausah di pikir timbang utekmu kentir A Mending macak goblok Bm Bene ora dadi kafir Soyo banter mikir tansoyo kocar kacir A Bingung mondar-mandir Bm Malah koyok tukang parkir A Bm Rapatkan barisan maju jalan kedepan Em Yuk kita berkumpul bareng Bm Pasukan cah edan A Bm

Bucked Off by Brad Paisley

capo: 4rd fret [intro] C G C F G [verse] C it's been a great ride but here we sit tonight F G the look in her eyes says something's wrong C this ain't a wild bull, it's just a bar stool F G but it's all i can do to just hang on F Em george strait's on the jukebox in the corner F G Singing about cowboys riding away, but [chorus] C This ain't my first rod

All My Friends Are Falling In Love by The Vaccines

capo: 1st fret [intro] C F C F [verse] C F I took you out at the start of the week C F We went for dinner with people like us C I wanted you to think i could be chic But we went home on the back of the bus C F I said then maybe you're not on my page C F But don't you worry you've got to an age C Where you can't do this shit anymore And then i prom

Movement by Hozier

capo: fret 4 [intro] F E F E Dm F C Am [verse] F E i still watch you when you're groovin' F E as if through water from the bottom Dm Of a pool F You're movin' without movin' G Am And when you move, i'm moved F E you are a call to motion F E there all of you a verb in Dm Perfect view C Like jonah on the ocean Dm

Rindu Semalam by Titi Kamal

Capo:1 [intro] Bm G D A Bm G D A [verse] Bm Semalam ku tahan D Ku tahan semalam D Lama lama rindu A Tak mampu ku tahan Bm G Tapi sayang cintamu cuma semalam D A Kini kau pergi menghilang [musik] Bm G D A Bm G D A Bm G Aku sayang D A Kamu juga sayang Bm G D A Tapi sayang kita berjauhan Bm G D A Tahan tahan ku sabar menahan Bm G D A Tinggal nanti bertemu dirimu

Tentang Tiga by Superman Is Dead

Capo:2 [intro] D [verse] G A Duhai anakku sayang D Bm Ayah kan bercerita G A Dongeng pulau dewata D Dan perompak senja [verse] G A Kita pernah berjanji D Bm Untuk taklukan dunia A Sepenuh hati kita percaya G A D Janji itu kan terjadi G A Waktu terus berjanji D Janji ini abadi Bm A Ia bersemayam dalam jiwa

21 Sadness by Mike Stud

no capo! [intro mike stud:] C Am 21, 21 sadness 21, 21 sadness F 21, 21 ( yeah ) C Why it gotta be like this? F Why it always gotta be od like this? Am Why it gotta feel like that? Why it always end up being on me like that? C Why you gotta push my buttons? Dm Why you gotta pull me down? G It feel like i'm waitin' on somethin' F That might not come around, but C She say "don't wait up for me" Am Imma stay, but i wanna leave Lotta things that i wanna say F That i just can't [goody grac

Hurricanes by Dido

capo: fret 4 [verse (1)] Bb i wanna wake up C With your weight by my side Am And i wanna think that Bb You look good as you rise And i wanna turn to you C Turn around by your side Am And i wanna think Bb But not to say [verse (2)] Bb F Let me face Gm The sound and fury Dm F Let me face Gm Hurricanes [verse (3)] Dm And i wanna see you C As you walk through the door