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Leave the Door Open by Bruno Mars ft. Anderson Paak, Silk Sonic

1 week ago

no capo! [intro] F G G F Em Am -----------------said baby, said baby, said baby [verse] what you Fdoin'? where you at? oh, you got Gplans? don't say that I'm sippin' Emwine in a rover i look too Amgood to be alone my house Fclean my pool warm just Gshaved, smooth like a newborn we should be Emdancin', romancin' in the east wing Amand the west wing Cof this mansion, what's happenin? D# i ain't playin no games every word that i G#say is coming straight from the heart so G#if you Gmtryna Fla Read more

Peaches by Justin Bieber

1 week ago

no capo! I've simplified the chord of this song For those of you who are just learning the guitar, I highly recommend using this basic chord If you are already proficient at playing guitar and want to try a more difficult version, feel free to use the 'Fmaj7', 'Em7', 'Dm7', 'Cmaj7' chord [intro] C G Am F [chorus] I got my peaches out in CGeorgia (Oh, yeah, shit) I get my weed from CaliAmfornia (That's that shit) I took my chick up to the DmNorth, yeah (Badass bitch) I get my light right from the Read more

Cover Me In Sunshine by Pink ft. Willow Sage Hart

2 months ago

capo: 3rd fret [intro] Dsus2 Dm Dsus2 Dm[verse (1)] Dsus2 I've been dDmreamingDsus2, friendly Dmfaces I Ggot so much Dsus2time to killDm-- Dsus2 Just iDmmagineDsus2, people Dmlaughing And Ghight I know some Dsus2day we willDm-- And Geven if it's far away AGive me through another day [chorus] Cover me in EmsunshineG Shower me with Dgood timesA Tell me that the Emworld’s been spinning Gsince the beginning And Deverything will be alAright Cover me in EmsunshineG [verse Read more

On The Ground by ROSE

1 week ago

capo: 1st fret [verse (1)] Am My life's been magic, seems fanCtastic I used to have a hole in the wall with a Dmmattress Funny when you want it, suddenly you Fhave it You find out that your gold's just plastic [pre chorus] AmEvery day, every night CI've been thinkin' back on you and I DmEvery day, every nightF [chorus] I Fmworked my whole Clife Just to get right, Dmjust to be like FLook at me, I'm never comin' Fmdown I worked my whole Clife Just to get high, Dmjust to realise FEverything I need Read more

Kiss Me More by Doja Cat ft. SZA

1 week ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] Em we hug and Dyes, we make love and Galways just say, goodCnight (la-la-la, la-la-la) Em and we cuddle, Dsure i do love it but i Gneed your lips on Cmine [chorus] can you Emkiss me more? we're so Dyoung, boy, we ain't got nothin' to Glose, uh-Coh it's just Emprinciple baby, Dhold me 'cause i like the way you gGroove, uh-Coh [post-chorus] Emboy, you write your name, i can Ddo the same oh, i love the Gtaste, la-la-la, la-la (Call on my tongue, i want it) Emboy, you write Read more

Anyone by Justin Bieber

1 week ago

capo: 2nd fret [verse (1)] C dance with me under the Fdiamonds C see me like breath in the Gcold C sleep with me here in the Fsilence C come kiss me, silver and Ggold [pre chorus] You say Amthat i won't lose you But you can't pFredict the future So just hold Con like you will never let goG Yeah, Cif you ever move on withFout me C i need to make sure you know [chorus] That Cyou are the Fonly Amone i'll eGver love (I gotta tell ya, gotta tell ya) Yeah, Cyou, if it's Fnot you, Amit's not aGnyo Read more

Im Not The Only One Acoustic by Sam Smith

1 week ago

[Intro] C E Am F C E Am F C E Am F C G C [Verse] C E Am F You and me we made a vow C E Am F For better or for worse C E Am F I can't believe you let me down C G C But the proof is in the way it hurts C E Am F For months on end I've had my doubts C E Am F Denying every tear C E Am F I wi Read more

Hold On by Justin Bieber

2 months ago

capo: 2nd fret [intro] Bm A G A [verse (1)] Bm You know you can Acall me if you need someGone--A Bm I'll pick up the Apieces if you come unGdone-A- [pre chorus] BmPainting stars up Aon your ceiling 'cause you GWish that you could Afind some feeling, yeah, youBm-- You know you can Acall me if you need soGmeone [chorus] I need you to Bmhold on AHeaven is a place not so Gfar awayA We all know I should Bmbe the one to Asay we all make misGtakes A Take my hand and Bmhold on ATell me everything that Read more

Renegades by One Ok Rock

3 weeks ago

capo: 3rd fret [verse (1)] C got a fire in my soul-D-- Em i've lost my faith in this bGroken system C got love for my home-D-- Em but if we cry, is there Ganyone listening? [verse (2)] C we're the forgotten geneDration Em we want an open converGsation C follow me on this Droad Em you know we gotta let Ggo [pre-chorus] for Call of the times that they saDy it's impossible they builEmt all the hurdles, the wallGs, and the obstacles when Cwe're together, you knoDw we're unstoppable C#mnow [c Read more

Film Out by BTS

1 month ago

capo: 3rd fret [verse (1)] CUkabiaGgaru kimi wa CAmarini GazayakadeEm, oh-oh CMarude soGko ni iru ka to Te wo noAmbasu tokoro de C Futto kiEmeteshimaGu [chorus] GTantan to furitsumotta Ckioku no naka de KiDmi dake wo hiroi atGsumete tsunagete Heya Amjuu ni utsusGhite nagame naEmgara Komiageru itaAmmi de kimi wo tasGhikamete iru [post chorus] COh-oh La-la-la, la-la-Gla La-la-la, la-la-Dla La-la-la, la-la-Emla Oh-Coh La-la-la, la-la-Gla La-la-la, la-la-Dla La-la-la, la-la-Emla [verse (2)] C Hika Read more