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Jaane De Mujhe by Sanam ft. Kunaal Vermaa

7 hours ago

capo: 1st fret [verse] Em Tere dil mein jindagi, main kahin bhi hoon nahi D Em Kaash main kabhi tujhe bhula paau Em Paas tere main nahin, saath mere tu nahi D Em Main tere bina bata kahaan jaau [pre chorus] C D Yaadein tere baad bhi kyu aati hain Ebm Em D Kyu ankhein meri bhar jaati hai-- [chorus] Em Am Jaane de mujhe D Bm G Kar de juda na roz roz tod dil Read more ..

Cinta Terakhirku by Syahiba Saufa ft. Mahesa

8 hours ago

capo: 9th fret [intro] C D Bm Em Am D G C D Bm Em Am D G [verse (1)] Em C Ku menyayangimu D Em Di setiap hembusan nafasku Em C Ku mencintaimu D Em Selama ku masih bernyawa [pre chorus] C D Dengarlah kasih Bm Em Cintaku untukmu C D Tak akan terbatas waktu [verse (2)] Dm Bb Ku ada untukmu C Dm Di setiap hembusan nafasku Dm Bb Ku akan menjagamu C Read more ..

Berkawan Dengan Rindu by Hanin Dhiya

8 hours ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] G Bm C G Bm C [verse] G Bm Mampukah kau bertahan C G Di kala semua enggan G Bm Mampukah kau berjalan C G Hanya dengan kenangan [pre chorus] C G Kembali jangan pergi ku disini C Em Kembali senja menanti bersama lagi C Am Kembali kau takkan pernah sanggup sendiri [chorus] G Bm C Tetaplah disini kita tersenyum lagi G Bm Cm Tak peduli Read more ..

Miracle Pill by Goo Goo Dolls

12 hours ago

no capo! [verse (1)] Am what i need is to feel incredible C what i need is a real love chemical Dm Wanna beat like a heart Am That's painted in gold ( here we go ) [verse (2)] Am Wanna make these emotions physical C Free the weight of my soul, ethereal Dm Am I believe i'm alive no higher than low ( here we go ) [pre-chorus] Am E C Baby, would you be my miracle pill? G D And i could be some Read more ..

Jesus in LA by Alec Benjamin

13 hours ago

no capo! [verse (1)] C Well, i shook hands with the devil down on the south side Am And he bought us both a drink C With a pad and a pencil sat by his side Am I said, tell me what you think [pre-chorus] Dm I've been looking for my savior C Looking for my truth G Am I even asked my shrink Dm He brought me down to his level C Said, son, you're not special G Am You won't find him where you Read more ..

The Modern Leper by Julien Baker

1 day ago

capo: 4th fret [verse (1)] C A cripple walks amongst you F All you tired human beings C He's got all the things a cripple has not F Two working arms and legs C And vital parts fall from his system F And dissolve in scottish rain C But vitally, he doesn't miss them F He's too fucked up to care [chorus] C F Well is that you in front of me? Read more ..

Time of Our Life by DAY6

1 day ago

capo: 3rd fret [intro] F G Am C F G C C F G Am C F G C C [verse (1)] F Soljikhi malhalge mani gidaryeo wasseo Em Neodo geuraesseul geora mideo Dm Oneuri ogil C Maeilgachi dallyeogeul bomyeonseo F Soljikhi naegedo jigeum i sunganeun Em Kkumman gata neowa hamkkera Dm Oneureul wihae G C Kkwae maneun geol junbihae bwasseo [pre-chorus] Ab Bb All about you and Read more ..

Siento by Kevin Kaarl

1 day ago

no capo! [intro] Am G D D [verse] Am G yo siempre soñé-- D Con tocar el cielo-- abrazar el viento Am G Y sentir que todo va bien-- D Que yo seguiré-- siendo el mismo Am G que no me perderé-- D Entre tantos murmullos-- entre tantos confusos Am G que no me quieren ver-- D Llegando al infinito-- tocando bien bonito [chorus] Am Read more ..

Some Ol' Bar in the 90s by Jon Wolfe

1 day ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] G Em C G [verse (1)] G It was gravel lots Em Boys throwin' back that last beer C Girls touchin' up makeup in the side mirror Am Budweiser sign shinin' like vegas G a five dollar bill Em Got you through that front door C Cowboy hat got you out on the dance floor D And you'd be off to the races-- If Read more ..

Saber que tú by La Pegatina

1 day ago

no capo! [intro] G D A Bm G D A Bm G D A Bm G D A [verse (1)] D Bm Suena la alarma pero no despiertas G Bm Te venderán al mejor impostor G Bm Y al atraparte por la vereda A Todos dirán que se lo buscó D Bm Locuras de última hora G Bm Agua de coco y no dudaré G Bm En dejarme llevar por el fuego A Y que me enerve pa no más volver [pre-chorus] F Read more ..