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One Day by Lovejoy

2 months ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] Em-----Bm-----C----G---sGtop! [verse (1)] 'Cause, wEmhy'd you have to kill my cat BmWhy'd i have to take you back? CTime and time, i play the empath GI don't know Emwhy There's some Bmlights on in an empty pub A Ctoilet with the seat left up It's cGlosure like a deer in headlights [chorus] AmOne day, i know that you will be there COne day, i'll focus on the future, maybe AmOne day oh, baby, isn't life so Cfu-cking inconsistent? AmOne day, i know that you will be there COne Read more

Yonaguni by Bad Bunny

1 month ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] Am yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah yeah-Dmyeah-yeah-yeah-Fyeah-yeah Am yeah-yeah-yeah-eh, Gyeah [pre-coro] Dmuna noche Fmás Amy copas de Gmás tú no Dmme dejas en Fpaz, de mi Ammente no te Gvas [coro] aunque sé que no Fdebo, ey penCsar en ti, beGbé, pero cuando Fbebo me viene tu Cnombre, tu caGra tu risa y tu Dmpelo, ey-F- dime dónde tú esAmtá', que yoG-- por ti cojo un Dmvuelo y a Fyonaguni le lAmlego, ohG-- aunque sé que no Dmdebo, eyF-- penAmsar en ti, beGbé, pero cuando Read more

Our Song by Anne-Marie ft. Niall Horan

2 months ago

capo: 2nd fret [intro] Am G C F [verse (1)] I'll be AmhonestG----C--- i'm alFright with me Sunday AmmorningsG----C--- in my Fown bedsheets I've been Amwaking up aGlone, i Chaven't tFhought of it for days I'll be AmhonestG----C--- it's better Foff this way [pre chorus] But Fevery time i think that i can get you out my head You Gnever let me forCget 'cause [chorus] Am Just when i think you're Ggone, hear our song on the CradiFo Am Just like that, takes me Gback to the places we Cused to Fgo And Read more

To The Bone by Pamungkas

2 months ago

[intro] F G F G F G F G F Have i ever told you G I want you to the bone F Have i ever called you G When you are all alone F And if i ever forget G To tell you how i feel F Listen to me now, babe G I want you to the bone F G I want you to the bone-- oo oooh F G I want you to the bone-- oo oooh Read more

Last Train Home by John Mayer

1 month ago

no capo [intro] A E A E B E A E AA E A E B E A E A [verse (1)] If you wanna Aroll Eme then you gotta Aroll Eme aBll nigEht lonAg---E----A- And if you wanna Ause Eme then you gotta Ause Eme tilBl I'Em gonAe---E----A- [chorus] A I'm not a fallen angeC#ml, I just fell behind E I'm outta luck and I'm outta Atime A If you don't wanna love mC#me, let me go F#m I'm runnin for the last train A I'm runnin for the Blast train home [interlude] A E A E B E A E A [verse (2)] If you wanna kAnow Eme then Read more

Need To Know by Doja Cat

1 month ago

capo: 1st fret [chorus] Dm yeah, wanna know what it's like (like) baby, show me what it's like (like) F i don't really got no type (type) i just wanna fuck all night Amyeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah (oh, ooh, mmm) Dmbaby, i need to kFnow, mmm (yeah, need to know) Dm i just been fantasizin' (size) and we got a lotta time (time) F baby, come throw the pipe (pipe) gotta know what it's like (like) Amyeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah Dmbaby, i need to kFnow, mmm [verse (1)] Am what's your size? (size) ad Read more

Pergi Untuk Kembali by Ello

2 months ago

Artis: marcello tahitoe Judul: pergi untuk kembali Album: ello Dirilis: 2005 Genre: pop Penghargaan: ami award untuk artis solo pria terbaik No capo! [intro] C Em Am G F G E C F C Bb G [verse] C G Walaupun langit pada malam itu F G C Bermandikan cahaya bintang Dm G Bulanpun bersinar Am F Betapa indahnya Dm F G Namun menambah kepedihan hooh C G Ku akan pergi meninggalkan di Read more

Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran

4 weeks ago

capo: 2nd fret One of the most popular "Ed Sheeran" songs this year is "Bad Habits" I really like it and have made chords that are very easy to play, because they all use basic chords which are perfect for people who are just learning to play guitar [intro] AmOoh-Emooh, ooh-Dmooh [verse] AmEvery time you come around Em you know I can't say Fno AmEvery time the sun goes down Em I let you take coFntrol AmI can feel the paradise Em Before my world iFmplodes AmAnd tonight I had soEmmething wonEmd Read more

Anything 4 U by LANY

2 months ago

capo: 3rd fret [intro] G Em D C [verse] G I know the house you grew up in Bm All of the names of your best friends Em I know the way you feel about your dCad G I spent the summer on your couch Bm You fell in love with someone else Em You came to me the times that it went bCad [pre chorus] I'm somethin' so faDmiliar That you don't even Cnotice The way I wanna lDove ya It's time that you should Cknow this, know this [chorus] I'll Gcatch a flight, go to the moon BmLay on the floor of your l Read more

Sa Hindi Pag-Alala by Munimuni

2 months ago

[Verse]~ F#m E A7 Kakalimutan na kita F#m E A7 F#m E A7 Siguraduhin mong hindi talaga pwedeng tayo F#m E A7 Napagisipan mo na ba F#m E A7 Dahil kakalimutan na kita F#m E A7 Eto na F#m E A7 Eto na [Verse]~ F#m E A7 Kakalimutan ko narin F#m E A7 F#m E A7 mga sinabi mong wala palang ibig sabihin F#m E Read more