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Asa Naman by Maris Racal

2 months ago

capo: 4th fret [verse (1)] F ayoko nang Cmagtiis Dm di ko na Bbkaya F sa tuwing kaiClangan na Dm nawawaBbla ka C lagi nalang drawing sa papel Bbah ah C mukha mo ay nakakahassle Bbna [chorus] asa naFman, asa naCman asa naBbman ka kaFrun? kadugay Fba, kadugay Cba kadugay Bbba sa puFhon [interlude] F C F F [verse (2)] F at saking Cpag tanda Dm ikaw ang nakiBbkita F nasan ka na Cba sinta Dm nakakapagod puBbmorma C pag ibig ba’y tumama sakin Bbah, ah C ngiti mo ay sapakin kaBbpoy!!! [ch Read more

My Universe by Coldplay X BTS

2 months ago

capo: 4th fret [intro] FYou, you Amare my Guniverse and FI just Amwant to Gput you Cfirst And Fyou, you Amare my Guniverse and FI---Am-----G- [verse (1)] F----Am--In the Gnight I lie and look up at you F----Am--When the Gmorning comes I watch you rise F----Am--There’s a Gparadise they couldn’t capture F That bAmright inGfinity inside your eyes maeil Fbam nege naraAmga (ga) kkuGmiran geotto ijeun chae na uFseumyeo neoreul manAmna (na) GNever ending forever baby [chorus] FYou, you Amare my Gu Read more

Ghost Town by Benson Boone

1 month ago

no capo! [intro] F G C Am [verse (1)] F You fill me Gup til you're Amempty I took too Fmuch and you Glet meAm-- We've been Gdown all these roads beAmfore And what we Gfound don't live there anyAmmore, it's dark [pre chorus] F It's cold G If my Chand is not the one you're meant to Amhold [chorus] F Maybe you would be Ghappier with someone Celse Maybe loving me's the Amreason you can't love yourFself Before I turn your Gheart into a ghost Ctown Show me everytAmhing we built so I can tear it Fa Read more

Don't Go Changing by Ylona Garcia

2 months ago

capo: 5th fret [intro] F F A7 A7 Dm C Bb C [verse (1)] F i know i gotta let you A7go A7 6:15, know you gotta hit the road but before you Froll just give me one more C hmm-hmm-hmm to remember Bbyou-- Cby F and i, by the way, got a tattoo on my heart of your A7name A7i know you gotta catch a plane but before you Dmgo, i want you to know C you're so BbirreplaceaCble [chorus] so don't you go cFhanging A7don't bring me back no one new only Dmyou prove to me what good Cloving could be when we Bbm Read more

Love Back by Why Don't We

1 month ago

capo: 4th fret [intro] C G F [verse (1)] CI still got your halo hanging on the corner of my bed But wAmhen I looked closer, that shit was GcrackeCd, yeah CYou still got your fingerprints left aGll over my heart The same way Fyou would leave your lipstick on my gClass [pre chorus] Showed you what Gheaven could taste like Put it on Fmy tab Gave you my Gmoney and my time You can keep Fall that, all that [chorus] CBaby, I jusFt want my Glove back I'd Flove to love Csomeone new But I gave it Gall to Read more

Broken by William Black ft. Fairlane

2 months ago

capo: 1st fret [intro] C G Am F [verse (1)] Cdiving in, getting let down Gfinding it out for myself Amno one else can pull me outF-- Ccount to ten, clear my head now Ggetting out, gonna go out Amjust to see if i still know howF-- [chorus] i can Chardly feel but i try to preGtend i put my Chand on my heartAm-- just to see if i'm Fhuman you Chold your breath just to see if you Gcan when you been bCroken, when you been bFroken [post chorus] Emcould there be an answer in the Fhurt that set me fCree Read more