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Basic Chords Hannah Bahng - Perfect Blues


About this song (Perfect Blues)

The song “perfect blues” is the debut single of hannah bahng, a Korean-American singer-songwriter and producer. She released the song on July 14, 2023, along with a music video that features her playing the piano and singing in a cozy apartment. The song is part of her upcoming album “perfect blues”, which will be available on CDs and vinyls soon.

The song “hannah bahng - perfect blues” is a soulful and melancholic ballad that expresses the feelings of longing and nostalgia for a past lover. The lyrics describe how the singer misses the person who made her feel alive and happy, but also acknowledges that their relationship was not perfect and had its flaws. She wonders if they will ever meet again, or if they will remain as memories in her mind.


chordband » Hannah Bahng » Perfect Blues

capo: 5th fret
C  C7  F  Fm  C
[verse (1)]
Cplaying the C7perfect blues
Fhappy moments (take aFm breath)
Csinging a C7perfect tune
Ffeeling creatures in the Fmdepth
Cperfect background, C7perfect light
Fperfect sceFmnery, perfect sight
Cperfect sunshine, C7perfect light
Fperfect everytFmhing, perfect life
Dmpulling out thoughts from an eGmpty cry
Dmsteel heart passion with no Gfine tie
i sCcream pleading to tFake me (take me Fmfar away)
i fCeel guilty singing "taFke me" (i sluFmmber today)
i pCray to make new wFaves
feeFling blue (a phase)
swiCmming metaphorically
C7drowning in gravity
Fdiving for a piece of me
Fmcalming serenity
[verse (2)]
Crocking back thC7rough the blues
seeFking refuge throughFm the trench
Ctaken by ankle C7down ocean cruise
luFlled by sirens hereFm to drench
sinCging a geC7ntle snooze
pleFading guilty,Fm i repent
depCrived of oxygen, scC7ared to lose
candFlelit fire, burnt Fmand spent
puDmlling out thoughts from an emGpty cry
Dmsteel heart passion withG no fine tie
stiDmtching the thoughts from a desGired life
foDmrging fantasies tGhat aren't mine
i sCcream pleading to tFake me (take me Fmfar away)
i fCeel guilty singing "tFake me" (i slFmumber today)
i pCray to make new waFves
feeling bFmlue (a phase)
swCimming metaphorically
C7drowning in gravity
Fdiving for a piece oFmf me calming serenity


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About Hannah Bahng

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