A Boat Lies Waiting Chords

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[Intro :]
D G Em G A
D Bm D
G D Bm

"It’s like going into the sea, there's nothing"

[Verse :]
Something I never knew
D            G F#m
In silence I hear you
And a boat lies waiting
A          G            Em
Still your clouds are flaming
That old time easy feeling
F#m    G
What I lost was an ocean
                  A      G      A
Now I'm drifting through without you
In this sad barcarolle

What I lost was an ocean
                F#m    G      A
And I'm rolling right behind you
In this sad barcarolle

Bm                   D
It rocks you like a cradle
It rocks you to the core
You'll sleep like a baby
                        G    Bm G A D
As it knocks at Death's door
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Published : 2017-10-17 03:36:14

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Author : AyuTing2
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A Boat Lies Waiting
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