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David Jon Gilmour CBE (Born: March 6, 1946) is an English musician who was a member of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd. He joined as guitarist and co-lead vocalist in 1968 shortly before the departure of founding member Syd Barrett.

Basic Chords David Gilmour - Yes, I Have Ghosts

capo: 1st fret


    G                D
The heat of the sun stayed on through the night
F                           Em
Made specters of strangers playing games with my sight
  G                             D
I passed through the station, a face in the crowd
     F                       Em
The whistle was blowing, the barrier came down


G                      D
There was my baby, in another's embrace
  F                       Em
I called out her name in shame and disgrace
Am           G          F
Yes, i have ghosts, not all of them dead
       Am         G
Making dust of my dreams
         F          Em
Spinning round and around
Around in my head


G                    D
Train on the tracks, teeth of the zip
     F                         Em
The slider moves down, we were joined at the hip


G                        D
Stealing the groove, the widening gap
  F                      C
Unfastening rails from a past with no map
Am           G         F
Yes, i have ghosts, a fleeting sight
     Am         G
It's always the living
         F           Em
That are haunting my nights


D-- Am- G- F-- Am- G- F- Em-- D--


G                            D
Where is the sweet soul that you used to be
F                          Em
Gone like a thistle that's blown on the breeze
  G                          D
I guess when it's over, this haunting will end
    F                        C
The waiting, the baiting, my killer, my friend


Am           G          F
Yes, i have ghosts, not all of them dead
         Am           G
And they dance by the moon
           F            Em           D--
Millstones white as the sheet, on my bed


D-- G-- D-- F-- C--
Am- G- F-- Am- G- F- Em--
D-- G-- D-- F-- Em--
G-- D-- F-- C-- G-- D-

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Dave does not play this with a capo
Admin (Author)
I'm looking for a chord from this song "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwI1RmYaVB0"
if David doesn't use capo, then he plays with this key "Ab, Eb, Gb, Fm" or please click the "no capo" button at the top of the article..
It looks the scale of G# Major, the same than David used in the song "In any tongue"
Admin (Author)
that's true, but if playing without capo

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