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Daniel Caesar has received widespread critical acclaim for his debut 2014's EP "Praise Break"."Praise Break" was ranked number 19 in the ‘20 Best R&B Albums of 2014’ by Rolling Stone. This body of work discusses religion, which he was heavily influenced by, being as though it played a large role in his upbringing and unrequited love. Some of his most popular songs are "Get You," "Violet" and "Japanese Denim." His breakout single “Get You” amassed over 10 million streams on Apple Music since its October 2016 release; According to his management, the singer's catalog has garnered over 20 million global streams on Apple Music and 12 million streams on Spotify, with a listener-ship of over 740,000 per month.
[Intro :]
D#m A#m F#
D#m B A#m D#m B

[Verse 1 :]
      D#m              A#m                B
Now it's time to sit back and enjoy creation
See what Jah has done
                A#m              B
Every time she tops me off, it's celebration, yeah
What has life become?
              A#m      B
And we don't talk too much
D#m                G#m      B
Could this be a strange new love I've got
      D#m              G#m
Plus she's always got that loud pack
Inspiration for this soundtrack
      D#m            G#m                  F#
Every time she throws that ass back, all she says is

[Chorus :]
B      D#m A#m B
Take me away
        D#m A#m B
Take me away
      F#    D#m G#m B
Take me away
        D#m G#m B F#
Take me away

[Instrumental :]
D#m A#m F# B
D#m A#m B

[Verse 2 :]
      D#m          A#m                  B
Every time I go inside of your protected Place with reverence
      D#m          A#m              B
I'm reminded of a time I was neglected It seems you're heaven sent
      D#m          A#m    B
She loves to top me off
      D#m                  G#m  B
She's cut from the finest cloth, my love
      D#m              G#m
Plus, we like to take it easy
All she wants to do is please me
      D#m            F#          B
Every time I'm on that TV, calls me up, says

[Chorus :]
      D#m    A#m  F# B
Take me away
          D#m A#m B
Take me away
        A#m  D#m
Take me away
                        F#          B
( Won't you please take me away baby, 'way baby - Won't you please take me away )
        D#m                            A#m
Take me away ( I like the way you say my name baby, name baby )
( Won't you please take me away )
          D#m G#m B
Take me away
          D#m G#m F# B
Take me away

[Outro :]
      D#m          F#                B  G#m    Gm
Wherever you go, just take me, take me, take me
      D#m        F#      B
Would you take me, baby
      G#m    Gm      D#m
Take ( Take me away )
      D#m                            F#
Want you take me away, take me away ( Take me ) Take me away, take me away
      G#m          D#m
If it's the last thing
Want you to take me away, take me away ( Take me )
                B    G#m
Take me away, take me away
Take me
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