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no capo!
D  G  D  EmG  C  A  D
[verse (1)]
D   try your best to keep compGosure
Ddon't gEmive up all of your smilesC   A
D   push away and they'll come clGoser
Dain't beEmen touched in a whilGe  C   A
Gi get too excited, stars behind my eyelEmids  G   C   A
i'm nGodding in agreement, i don't agree they sDee iEmt   G   C   A
play it cDool  G
Ddo a fEmavor just for youC   A
cDool G
be cEmolder just for you C    A
[verse (2)]
D   try your best to calm me dGown
dDon't giEmve them all of yourselGf  C   A
D   'cause one day, they won't be arGound
Dcan't Emgo to them for helpG   C   A
i sGee myself five foot four, playing in my room aloEmne  C   A
i sGee myself amusеd in thought, a nigga had no friends atEm all  C   A
play it cDoooooGool
Ddo a fEmavor just for youC   A
be cEmolder just for you C    A
D  G  Em  C  AD  G  Em  C  A


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About Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar has received widespread critical acclaim for his debut 2014's EP "Praise Break"."Praise Break" was ranked number 19 in the ‘20 Best R&B Albums of 2014’ by Rolling Stone. This body of work discusses religion, which he was heavily influenced by, being as though it played a large role in his upbringing and unrequited love. Some of his most popular songs are "Get You," "Violet" and "Japanese Denim." His breakout single “Get You” amassed over 10 million streams on Apple Music since its October 2016 release; According to his management, the singer's catalog has garnered over 20 million global streams on Apple Music and 12 million streams on Spotify, with a listener-ship of over 740,000 per month.

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