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no capo!
C  Bb  F  Fm  C  Bb  F Fm
[verse (1)]
F  sometimes it feels like it'sG a dream
F   everything is not as it seGems
if only i could fiFnd a pair of glaGsses
to help me see the Fones who truly bGe
they live and we slFeep
pray my days will never hit oGne
F   take me far away from the sGun
if only i could fFind my way through spacGe-time
back to when i was hFappy being mGe
they live and we—
C   i can hear the bells riBbngin', remindin' us wFhy
we're still here siFmngin', it's father tiCme
we're stuck in the maBbtrix, living a lFie
i'm not afraid to Fmdie
C  F  C
[verse (2)]
F   take me back to 201G4
saw a pic' this morning
far along the journeyF
the future was allurGing
F   on the other side of tvs, hoGping that they see mFe
but, they hardly see me
at least that's how i see thGings
Fisn't it funny how the time flies
Glike a g5 jet in the turbulence
Fwell, we gon' make it home tonight
alright? alright? right, alrGight
Fmy misery is borinGg, finally, feel confident
yes, that's an accomplishmenFt
many more commas to gGet
C   i can hear the bells Bbringin' (bells ringin'), remindin' us wFhy (remindin' us why)
we're still here sinFmgin' (we're still singin'), it's father tCime
we're stuck in the maBbtrix (stuck in the matrix), livin' a lFie (livin' a lie)
i'm not afraid to dFmie (oh, oh)
[verse (3)]
you know, stoCckholm, long roads, on go
you can't even reBbach me
just know, whenever you neFed me, we'll figure it out
look up and you'll Fmsee me, and i'll be around (yeah)
'cause when iC'm home, i'm lost, let's go make it look eBbasy
oh, take it easy Fon me, it's still my city, it's still my cFmity
C  Bb   F   Fm   C   Bb   F  Fm


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About Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar has received widespread critical acclaim for his debut 2014's EP "Praise Break"."Praise Break" was ranked number 19 in the ‘20 Best R&B Albums of 2014’ by Rolling Stone. This body of work discusses religion, which he was heavily influenced by, being as though it played a large role in his upbringing and unrequited love. Some of his most popular songs are "Get You," "Violet" and "Japanese Denim." His breakout single “Get You” amassed over 10 million streams on Apple Music since its October 2016 release; According to his management, the singer's catalog has garnered over 20 million global streams on Apple Music and 12 million streams on Spotify, with a listener-ship of over 740,000 per month.

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