Feels Like Heaven Chords

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Album: Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
Released: 2017

F D F C Am

F      D
There I go again
F                  Am
Falling in love again
F                G       F
Knew better just like before but
Here I go

Cause that's when you came to me
          C      G
And you saved my life now
F      C    G
I was just a boy
       F             C
When I knew you didn't need
G       C    F          G
But with you I swear it feels
Em          F G
Just like heaven
Em       F G
Feels like heaven

F             D
Been down that road before
F                  G Am
Every signpost that I ignore
F                  G
Gotta make it work out someway
D      G
Here I go

[Chorus x2]
F                               C      G
I'll be your dreamboat lover and roll the dice
      F    C    G
We'll shine in paradise
F                         C G
Get to know the things you fantasize
      F             G
With you I swear it feels
Em          F      G
It feels like heaven
Em          F      G
It feels like heaven
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Published : 2017-08-21 02:22:08

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