Still In Love Chords

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[intro :]=====

Am  D  G  D  Em

=====[verse :]=====

Summer night, drinking wine

D                    G  D  Em
By the fire, catching up

You looking good, wish i could

D                 G  D  Em
Tell you i was over us

=====[pre-chorus :]=====

          Em         D             G
But i get high every night when i'm all alone

         G          Em           D       Dm
Cause it helps me forget that i'm feeling low

Told you i was doing fine

D                      G  D  Em
It's a lie, you should know

=====[chorus :]=====

And if you want the truth

D  Em    D Em   D   G
I'm still in love with you

No matter what i do

D   Em   D Em   D   G
I'm still in love with you

=====[verse :]=====

Tell myself i don't care

D                              G  D  Em
Who you're with, i'm losing my mind

Am                           D
I picture you making love to someone else

        G  D  Em
Tell me why

=====[pre-chorus :]=====

      Em       D                G
I get drunk to shut up all these memories

           G          D           Em
But i wake up and they come running back to me

So have your fun giving up

  D                          G  D  Em
I guess you won, and i messed up

=====[chorus :]=====

And i'm acting a fool

D  Em    D Em   D   G
I'm still in love with you

No matter what i do

D   Em   D Em   D   G
I'm still in love with you

Tell me you want me too

      D  Em    D Em   D   G
Cause i'm still in love with you

=====[outro :]=====

Em         G
  and it's killing me

  endlessly, oh

Em        G
Cause i'm bound to be

C                     D
Somebody's helplessly desperately

Still in love
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Published : 2018-03-11 19:00:02

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