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Austin Richard Post (born July 4, 1995), known professionally as Post Malone, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He has gained acclaim for blending musical genres including pop, trap and rock, his introspective songwriting, and his laconic vocal style.
[Verse 1 :]
      Gm                            F      Dm
I done drank Codeine from a broken whiskey glass
      Gm                              F        Dm
I done popped my pills and I smoked my share of grass
      Gm                        F        Dm
Slaved for the man and I broke my fuckin' back
          Gm                                  F        Dm
So you can take your nine - to - five and shove it up your ass
      Gm                      F      Dm
And I won't go on, like a highway to hell
      Gm                                F    Dm
Going too damn fast, I spilled drink on my Chanel
      Gm                                          F      Dm
And I woke up and my room's fuckin' trashed like a damn hotel
Gm                            F                Dm
Where I go next, now, only time will tell

[Chorus :]
Gm  Dm
Ooo oooh ooh

[Verse 2 :]
      Gm                                      F        Dm
I done spent some time chasin' women that don't give a shit
      Gm                                  F        Dm
I done learned my lessons and I ain't never gon' forget
Started callin' this shit, started ballin' and shit, started flickin' that wrist
They ain't never listened now I'm makin' them hits so I'm fuckin' your bitch
No it ain't nothin' fickle for me to forget that you ever exist
Bet you member my name when I pull up and dab with that, doesn't exist, skrrr

[Rap :]
Spill lean on supreme last Saturday, let that shit splash, motherfucker talk saucey
Pass me the drugs, motherfucker let me shine
At the White House, call my homie Joe Biden, he flyin' out weed
Smokin' my dope, beggin' that that be the code
Man, don't be silly, that shit you rockin' is old
Like it's been years since you been to the store
Feel like Meek Milly but I ain't from Philly
I'm poppin' a wheelie, I show off my grillie
I do this for really and for my family
Some shade every night, man, it's all so familiar
The bitches they killin' me
Like, bitch are you kiddin' me?
Ballin', that shit, that shit killin' me
You can't get rid of me
Now you want my chain and my jeans but you no good at chemistry

[Chorus :]
Gm  Dm
Ooo oooh ooh

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