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Basic Chords Mark Ambor - Good To Be



chordband » Mark Ambor » Good To Be

capo: 4th fret
[verse (1)]
Cmaybe i'm not some chosen one
but, daFmnit, i'm my father's son
and that's sAmomething i'm pretty proud to Gbe
the cColder days have drawn their guns
the waFrmer days are on the run
and i Amhate that i'm stuck right in betGween
turn my gAmray sGkies blueF
just tGryna Ambe like yoFu
going Amtop down in thatC old mercedes
muFsic loud, go aChead and hate me
Amspare the nickelC, i'll just keeFp the dimeC      G
Amfind ways toC cut the fat
Fhot coffee and a trCident pGack
Amdamnit, it's soC good to beF alivCe   G
[verse (2)]
Cheroes come to save a mess
you seFwed the holes inside my chest
and fAmound a way to soak up all the stGains
got aCll my anger bottled up
a drFop away to fill that cup
but, aAmny more and i might go insGane
oh, i'll tCurn Gmy grAmay sGkies bFlue
just trCyna Gbe Amlike yoFu
(ohh) going Amtop down in that Cold mercedes
muFsic loud, go ahead and hCate Gme
Amspare the nickel, Ci'll just keepF the dimCe   G
Amfind ways tCo cut the fat
Fhot coffee and a trCident Gpack
daAmmnit, it's so Cgood to be FaliveC    G
C  G  Am  C  FC  G  Am  C  FC  G  Am  C  FC  G
Amdamnit, it's so Cgood to be alFive
C  G  Am  C  FC  G  Am  C  F  C  G


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About Mark Ambor

Mark Gregory Damboragian (born December 4, 1997), known professionally as Mark Ambor, is an Armenian-American singer-songwriter. He is best known for his 2024 single "Belong Together". Ambor released his debut single "Fever" in April 2019. An EP Colorful was released in September 2019. Mimi Loughlin from Fairfield Mirror said "it's clear that he has an affinity for creating catchy, musically upbeat songs that hit home at the core of listeners' emotions".

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