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Mandolin Orange is an Americana/folk duo based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.The group was formed in 2009 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and consists of the group's songwriter Andrew Marlin (vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo) and Emily Frantz (vocals, violin, guitar).

Basic Chords Mandolin Orange - Hey Stranger

G    C   Em  G D  Em   G C Em D C
G    C   Em  G D  Em   G C Em D C

[Verse 1]~
Hey stranger

There’s danger down the line

                 Em          G
You’ll find heartache and trouble

In all your good time

     Em         G        C
Early wins Tell you no lie

   Em               D         C
There’s no burden greater in life

D                           C          G
Soon as you pick yourself up just to say

   C              G
‘Hey’ to your loved ones

They all turn away

Don’t go away with

   D         C
Trouble in mind

   Em             D        C
There’s no burden greater in life

   Em             D        G
There’s no burden greater in life

[Verse 2]~
G                          C
Hey stranger if ever you decide

      Em            G
giving in to the bottom

And ease your worried mind

     Em               G          C
With heavy heart you'll see in time

     Em        D              C
There’s no burden greater in life

D                          C          G
Soon as you pick yourself up just to go

C                 G
Home to your loved ones

You’ll find a locked door

    Em              D           C
Don’t go making mistakes like mine

            Em       D         C
There’s no burden greater in life

             Em            D         C
Don’t go on living with trouble in mind

              Em       D        G
There’s no burden greater in life

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