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G  Em  F#m  G  D  G  C
Em  F#m  G  C  D  Em  
D   C  D   G

[Verse 1]~
        G                      G                 Em                      F#m    G
Well I try to close my eyes,.. clear my mind,.. and just listen to the wildflowers grow

        D                     G                    C
Such whispers on the breeze,.. they don't come easy now,.. over all this noise

Em             F#m        G      C                          D
Spent my youth among the pines,.. they used to sing a tune so fine

         Em     D             C        D            G
And the wind,.. moved like an echo,.. carrying their voices

[Verse 2]~
   G                                            Em             F#m                G
I saw it in a dream,.. monuments of trees,.. as the air we breath turned our lungs to dust

           D            G                 C
And the redwood so tall,.. and all their aw,.. began to rust

Em       F#m              G  C                    D
With no bend and sway at all,.. that ancient dance was lost

         Em     D            C            D             G
and the wind,.. moved like an echo,.. with a sigh in every guss

G  Em  F#m  G  D  G  C
Em  F#m  G  C  D  Em  
D   C  D   G

           Em                       C        
Well some day I hope to find,.. that land of funny wine,..

              G                         D
where the coffee grows on the wide oak trees,..

           Am                               G                              
and those sugar coated mountaints,.. in the spring begin

to melt,.. to sweetest stream

[Verse 3]~
Em                  F#m              G
Reached night,.. the starlight and the sea,..

  C               D              Em    D            C
together form eternity,.. and the wind moves like an echo,..

         D             G
as the world drops all,.. to sleep
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Published : 2017-07-21 16:39:55

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