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Mandolin Orange is an Americana/folk duo based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.The group was formed in 2009 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and consists of the group's songwriter Andrew Marlin (vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo) and Emily Frantz (vocals, violin, guitar).
G  Em  F#m  G  D  G  C
Em  F#m  G  C  D  Em  
D   C  D   G

[Verse 1]~
        G                      G                 Em                      F#m    G
Well I try to close my eyes,.. clear my mind,.. and just listen to the wildflowers grow

        D                     G                    C
Such whispers on the breeze,.. they don't come easy now,.. over all this noise

Em             F#m        G      C                          D
Spent my youth among the pines,.. they used to sing a tune so fine

         Em     D             C        D            G
And the wind,.. moved like an echo,.. carrying their voices

[Verse 2]~
   G                                            Em             F#m                G
I saw it in a dream,.. monuments of trees,.. as the air we breath turned our lungs to dust

           D            G                 C
And the redwood so tall,.. and all their aw,.. began to rust

Em       F#m              G  C                    D
With no bend and sway at all,.. that ancient dance was lost

         Em     D            C            D             G
and the wind,.. moved like an echo,.. with a sigh in every guss

G  Em  F#m  G  D  G  C
Em  F#m  G  C  D  Em  
D   C  D   G

           Em                       C        
Well some day I hope to find,.. that land of funny wine,..

              G                         D
where the coffee grows on the wide oak trees,..

           Am                               G                              
and those sugar coated mountaints,.. in the spring begin

to melt,.. to sweetest stream

[Verse 3]~
Em                  F#m              G
Reached night,.. the starlight and the sea,..

  C               D              Em    D            C
together form eternity,.. and the wind moves like an echo,..

         D             G
as the world drops all,.. to sleep
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