My Love CHORDS by Lee Hi

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G#m E D#m E
C#m D#m E

B                             F#
.. Neul meolliseo jikyeomanbwassjyo
G#m     F#       E            E  F#
.. Nae sarangin geot gataseo geudae
B                     F#
.. Gateun maeumin jul arassjyo
   G#m        F#      E
Dareun goseul boassjiman

           E            B
Baramcheoreom i meonjicheoreom
  C#m              F#
Japhijiga anha boijianha

          B            F#
Remember love you.. I love you
Sarangin jul mideossgo
Unmyeongira bulleossjyo
          B            F#
Remember love you.. I love you
Geudae nundongja soge
Naega salgoissneunde
F#   G#m  E           B F#
Neoegeman daedaphaejwoyo
           G#m     E          B F#
Hwicheongineun nal butjabajwoyo
        G#m E  B F#
Nae sarang..
        G#m E  B F#
Nae sarang.. huuu

[Verse 2]
B                        F#
.. Nae maeumui change naerineun, hemm
G#m   F#       E          F#
.. Nunmuri daedaphaejune naege
B                         F#
.. Irul su eopsneun inyeoniran
G#m       F#        E
Ijeoyaman haneun saram

[Bridge 2]
         E           B
Meoreojineun naui sarangeul
   C#m                 F#
Bonaejwoyahaeyo naega anini

[Chorus 2]
          B            F#
Remember love you.. I love you
Sarangin jul mideossgo
Unmyeongira bulleossjyo
          B            F#
Remember love you.. I love you
Geudae nundongja soge
Naega salgoissneunde
F#   G#m  E            B F#
Neoegeman daedaphaejwoyo
            G#m     E          B F#
Hwicheongineun nal butjabajwoyo
        E   F#
Nae sarang..
Nae sarang..
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Published : 2017-06-11 07:19:58

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