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Lee Ha-yi, known by her stage name Lee Hi, (Born: September 23, 1996) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, who is best known as the runner-up of SBS' K-pop Star Season 1. She debuted with single "1, 2, 3, 4" on October 28, 2012 and reached number one with first week sales of 667,549 downloads.

Basic Chords Lee Hi - Brave Enough [Romanized]

capo: 2nd fret[intro]
Em D GEm D G
[verse (1)]
scared of Embeing aDlone or sGcared of love
my shadowEm-- just Dwalks beGside me
i'm gettingG----- cCloser to the Emedge
but Emtry hard Dnot to lose myGself
[verse (2)]
maeuEmmi honjaDseo georeogal tGtae
joyongEmhi jikDyeo barabwa jGwo
hoksi Gijeotdeon Csiganui soEmriga
geu mame Emdaeul su Disseulji molGla
i say i'm-C---- Dbrave eGnough
brave enoughG--- to Cbe myGself
and there'll be-C--- a Ddawn afGter
this Glong and Cdark Gnight
C  D  G  C  D  GC  D  G  C  D  G
[verse (3)]
and the Emmorning Dbrings me a sGtory
when i'm sEmtanding Dall on Gmy own
is there Gany--Cbody Gout there?
just reaEmlized i'm sDtill in Gmy dream
[verse (4)]
maeume Emnunmureul Dboil tGtaeedo
moreun cheok Emuseumyeo Dgamssa Ganajwo
eonjenga Gmeomuldeon Cnae aGnui gieogi
nunmureul Emdakka jul Dsu isGseulji molla
[pre chorus]
eoCneu nal munDdeuk dwidoGraboni
geu goEmse natDseon naega isGseo
mareComneun misoDro nareul Gbomyeo
i say i'm-C---- Dbrave eGnough
brave enoughG--- to Cbe myGself
and there'll be-C--- a Ddawn afGter
this Glong and Cdark Gnight

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Lee Hi

  1. CHORDS My Love
  3. CHORDS Brave Enough [Romanized]
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