Take Me Back CHORDS by Sarah Jarosz

G#m  F#  B  E  B
E   B   F#   G#m

[Verse 1]~
G#m  F# B         E    B
Take me back in time again

E         B         F#    G#m
Stay with me like you did then

G#m  F#  B        E       B
Take me as you find me here

E        B    F#     G#m
Take me now,.. feel me near

D#m         E     B  F#  G#m
Love like I never knew before

D#m           E      B       C#m
Someday will fade and be ignored

C#m        F#          G#m
Nothing is forever anymore

G#m  F#  B   E  B
E    B    F#   G#m

[Verse 2]~
G#m    F# B      E     B
Wrap me up in quiet sins

E        B     F#       G#m
Take me lost make me found

G#m  F# B        E       B
Hold me silent in the night

E       B     F#        G#m
Say I'm wrong make me right

D#m      E      B     F#   G#m
Love like I've never knew before

D#m    E      B           C#m
Someday will fade and be ignored

C#m                 F#                G#m
Slipping through my fingers wanting more

G#m  F#  B  E  B
E   B   F#   G#m

[Verse 3]~
G#m F# B      E        B
Hanging on to every word

E         B      F#         E
Whispered as the morning stirs

G#m F# B E B
E  B   F#  G#m
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Published : 2017-07-20 11:45:29

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