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[Intro :] Am Dm G C

[Verse :]
Am               Dm
Fly me to the moon
G                      C
Let me play among the stars
F                Dm
Let me see what spring is like
    Em          Am
On  Jupiter and Mars

F              G           C Am
In other words: hold my hand
F            G          C
In other words: darling, kiss me

[Chorus :]
Am                  Dm
Fill my heart with song
            G              C
And let me sing for ever more
F                  Dm
You are all I long for
      Em            Am
All I worship and adore

F            G              C  Am
In other words: please, be true
  F            G  C
In other words: I love you

[Chorus :]
Am                  Dm
Fill my heart with song
        G            C
Let me sing for ever more
F              Dm
You are all I long for
Em                  Am
All I worship and adore

F              G            C    Am
In other words: please, be true
In other words,
in other words:
G        C
I love you
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