Diamonds In The Mud CHORDS by Gerry Cinnamon

[Intro :]

[Verse 1 :]
I've got a mate who's a shaman,
gets anything you want in no time
A weekend at Bernie's
     C                    G
is a few days without any sunshine
I know a right dour - faced bastard,
a really nice guy but he hates life
        D                        C
he's got sarcastic eyeballs and a tongue
that can slash like a lock - knife

[CHORUS 1]==
| Em                            C
| These faces I've known growing up
|                    G
| on the streets in the southside
| Em
| From the hills of the 'milk
|        C              G
| to the parade in the eastend
|     Em
| I remember the change
|       C                G
| in the accents on the westside
| Em
| Makin money till
|        C              G
| there's no time left to spend
|       Em
| it's aw bullshit
|      C            G
| but we aw still pretend

G  C  D  C G

[Verse 2 :]
When A was a wean I used
to sell puff to make money
but we'd smoke all the profit
       C                      G
and by Friday it was no longer funny
A know a guy who's a lightweight,
one or two jars and he's buckelt,
        D                            C
He's the guy that loses keys has tae break
into his ain hoos and gets huckelt

[CHORUS 2]==
| Em                            C
| These faces I've known growing up
|                      G
| on the streets in the southside
| Em
| From the songs in the schemes
|         C                        G
| tae the Art School dreams of the toon
|         Em                  C
| and when a lie awake in the night
|                      G
| time these things I remember
| Em
| Some happy, some sad,
|         C                        G
| bring a smile tae ma face when am doon
|       Em              C            G
| in the Priory or in Sinbad's in Dunoon

G  C  D  C    G

[Verse 3 :]
Av been all round the world
            C                      G
but there's nowhere compares tae ma hometown
Em                      C                  G
The mayhem eh Glesga is buried deep in ma blood
and there's no other place where
   C                      G
a cunt might no be a put down
Em                        C
It's 13 degrees an there's folk
in the street in the scud

[Outro :]
      Em                      C                G
No the best place but there's diamonds in the mud
      Em                      C                G
No the best place but there's diamonds in the mud
      Em                      C
No the best place but there's diamonds
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Published : 2018-01-16 01:59:57

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About Gerry Cinnamon

Gerry Cinnamon songs
Gerald Crosbie, known by his performing name Gerry Cinnamon, is a Scottish singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist. He sings in the local accent and uses 'brutally honest' lyrics.