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capo: 2nd fret
C  F  C  F  C  G
[verse (1)]
Cmet you at the dive bar to go shoot soFme pool
and mEmake fun of the cCowboys with the neck tattGoos
Cask you easy questions about work Fand school
i'm trying to Ambe coDmol about it
feGelin' like an absolute fCool about it
wishin' yAmou were kind enough to be crDmuel about it
teGllin' myself i can always dCo without it
knAmowing that it probably isn't tDmrue   G
[verse (2)]
i came preCpared for absolution, if you'd onlFy ask
so Emi take some offFense when you sCay, "no regrGets"
i remeCmber it's impossible to pass youFr test
but i'm trying to forDmget about it
feeGlin' like i'm breaking a swCeat about it
wishin' Amyou would kindly get out of my hDmead about it
tеlGlin' myself, one day, i'll forCget about it
knAmowing that it probably isn't tDmruе   G
[verse (3)]
once, i tCook your medication to know what it's liFke
and Gnow i have to aFct like i can't rCead your mGind
i aCsk you how you're doing and i let you liFe
but we don't have to tDmalk about it
Gi can walk you home and practice meCthod acting
i'll prAmetend bein' with you doesn't fDmeel like drowning
teGllin' you it's nice to see how gCood you're doing
Ameven though we know it isn't tDmrue  G


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