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no capo!

[verse (1)]

    G           D
3am on a friday night
Driving down the highway
We just saying nothing
G                      D
Wish i could read your mind
But i barely know it at all
Guess that's probably my fault

[verse (2)]

G                   D
I wish that i could hold on to everything
Bm                  A
I wish that i could just have another minute
G                             D
Scares me to think that we'll grow up
And i'll barely know you

[verse (3)]

   G                         D
So one day when we're living our lives
I hope that we're just fine
Hope that i know what you're going through
G                          D
One day i hope that you'll call me
And tell me your problems
When you're just so lost
Don't know what to do
G                                D
Heard that it's just when you're younger
That things seem harder
So i'm really hoping that talk is true

[verse (4)]

Just wanna be clear
That i have this big fear
I won't know you in five years
   A                  G     D
So can you stay right here?   mmh
A                       G
  so can you stay right here?


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About Tate McRae

Tate Rosner McRae (Born: July 1, 2003) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and dancer. At the age of thirteen, she gained prominence as the first Canadian finalist on the American reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

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