Found 6 Chords by Tate Mcrae


Tate Rosner McRae (Born: July 1, 2003) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and dancer. At the age of thirteen, she gained prominence as the first Canadian finalist on the American reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

  1. Grave Chords (Dm, F, C, Am, Gm, Bb)
  2. Greedy Chords (Em, C, Am, D)
  3. Dear Brother Chords (G, D, Bm, A)
  4. Wish i Loved You in The 90s Chords (Am, C, G, F)
  5. Bad Ones Chords (Bm, A, G, B)
  6. Slower Chords (F, C, G, Am)