Fly To Your Heart CHORDS by Selena Gomez

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[Verse 1: Selena Gomez]
D                   G
Watch all the flowers
Em               A
Dance with the wind
D         G
Listen to snowflakes
Em         A
Whisper your name
D         G
Feel all the wonder
Em         A
Lifting your dreams
       D G Em A
You can fly

[Chorus: Selena Gomez]
D     G     Em A
Fly to who you are
D     G       Em A
Climb upon your star
D   G             Em
You believe you'll find
Your wings
D   G
     Em   G D

(Its Like This Through out the whole Song)
( You Just Play The D  G  Em  A Chords)

To your heart

[Verse 2: Selena Gomez]
Touch every rainbow
Painting the sky
Look at the magic
Glide though your life
A sprinkle of pixie dust
Circles the night you can fly

[Chorus: Selena Gomez]
Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believer you'll find
Your wings

[Verse 3: Selena Gomez]
Everywhere you go
So we'll find a home
You'll be free to spread
Your wings

You can fly
To your heart
(Fly, fly)

Rise to the heights of all
You can be
(Fly, fly)

Soar on the hope of
Marvelous things

[Chorus: Selena Gomez]
Fly to who you are
Climb upon your star
You believe you'll find
Your wings

[Verse 4: Selena Gomez]
Everywhere you go
So we'll find a home
You'll be free to spread
Your wings
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Published : 2017-07-01 04:17:09

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About Selena Gomez

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Selena Marie Gomez is an American singer and actress. She began her career starring in the children's television series Barney & Friends. Born: July 22, 1992 (age 25), Grand Prairie, Texas, United States.