Finna Bust a Nut CHORDS by Pink Guy

[Intro :] C Em

[Chorus :]
Finna bust a nut
C      Em
Finna bust a nut
C      Em          G
Finna bust a nut tonight
Finna bust a nut
C      Em
Finna bust a nut
C      Em          G
Finna bust a nut tonight

[Verse :]
Cruisin down the street
        Em      C
And I see that pussy
      Em          G
Finna bust a nut tonight
All my playas and pimps
C        Em
All my gangstas and niggas
C                      G
Finna bust a nut tonight
All my bitches and ho's
That objectify women
      C                G
Finna bust a nut tonight

[Outro :]
Finna bust a nut
C      Em
Finna bust a nut
C      Em          G
Finna bust a nut tonight
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Published : 2017-10-05 15:49:14

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