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Oh,.. potatoes and molasses

If you want some,.. oh,.. just ask us

        D        E        D           E
They're warm and soft like puppies in socks
Filled with cream and candy rocks

Oh,.. potatoes and molasses

They're so much sweeter than algebra classes

         D         E                  D             E
If your stomach is grumblin' and your mouth starts a-mumblin'
There is only one thing to keep your brain from crumblin'

Oh,.. potatoes and molasses

If you can't see 'em,.. put on your glasses

         D        E            D           E
They're shiny and large like a fisherman's barge
You know you've eat enough when you start seeing stars

Oh,.. potatoes and molasses

It's the only thing left on your task list

         D         E           D          E
They're short and stout to make everyone shout

For,.. potatoes and molasses

For,.. potatoes and-- THAT'S ENOUGH

If you want to end it,..


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