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Basic Chords Colter Wall - Me And Big Dave



chordband » Colter Wall » Me And Big Dave

[Verse 1 :]
A                                            E
me and a big Dave were just trying to stay upright
We were chasing white lines and warping our minds last night

We were killing the time though we sure didn't know it
Hunting down rhymes with a Kentucky poet
E                                        A
me and big Dave were just trying to stay alive

[Verse 2 :]
There's some folks around town
That might cuss our names down to the floor

They might claim that were loners
No account stoners and more

It's the same kind of people claim to be chosen
Their ears made of stone and their tongues made of poison
  E                                                    A
The doctrine they preach has got nothing that they can teach me

[Verse 3 :]
A                                                          E
Well I don't know if Dave hates the same kind of hate that I do
He knows that I know that he's been cut down by it too

Well people get talking 'bout things that we uses
I ain't in the business of making excuses
E                                        A
me and big Dave were just trying to stay alive

This whole world's full of ghosts
That I believe that most folks can't see
The particular demons that reason with big Dave and me


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