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Ocean Alley are an Australian band from Sydney. They formed in a backyard shed in 2011.
no capo!


F  Am  F  Am  G


I think you wanna be judged
F            Am
  go see the people
F               Am
  all the beautiful people
       G         Em
In their screens

And if you wanna be judged
F                 Am
  to be perfectly honest
F                  Am
  you're not being honest
My friend

[pre chorus]

F        Am    F           Am    G  F
  'cause all i need is the unnecessary
   Am    G  F              G
To leave me be with my friends


C    Am    Am    F  G
C    Am    Am    F  G


C                               Am
  that's why you shouldn't take drugs
F                             Am
  'cause you will be with the people
F             Am                 G
  untrustworthy people, not your friends

C                        Am
  and you can still have fun
F                           Am
  and if you don't want the problems
F                       Am
  well then forget that you've got them
Or pretend

[pre chorus]

F        Am    F           Am    G  F
  'cause all i need is the unnecessary
   Am    G  F              G   F C F C
To leave me be with my friends


Am       G                   F
  'cause i don't need the confusion
Am                    Em      F  C  F
  does it make your life easier?
Am       G                   F
  'cause i don't need the confusion
Am               G
  is this your best line?


C    Am    Am    F  G
C    Am    Am    F  G
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