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Released: 2017

A C#m
A E B D# F

A#              Am  D
asai na dekigoto sae mo
  Gm            Fm  A#
tokubetsu datte omou yo
  D#    F
hora ne ima mo
  A#      Gm  Cm F    A#
kimi no koto kangaechau no

Cm            F
suki to kirai kougo ni
Dm  D      Gm
kazoete yuku uranai
  Cm                A#
nibun no (ichi no) kakuritsu (sore ja)
D#    C    F
fumidasenai ne

    A# C      Am    Dm
kitto Ah kono kankei wa
  A#    C    Dm
aimai mokotte iu no kana
  A#        C    A      Dm      Gm
tsuredzure demo I wish I feel my sweet
C              F
daiji ni shinakucha
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