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F                 G                 C
F                 G              Am
F          G          C          Am

[Verse 1]~
F                                 G
Ittai kono yo wa dou natte

C                 Am
iru no ka na..?

F                                 G
watashi wa sora wo tobikoete

Am                  Am
chikyuu no mawari wo kurukururi

F                  G
getsu ka sui moku kin do nichi

C                  A#
kurikaesu kono baiorizumu de

F                  G
zenjidou no sentakki

mitai nante

E                  A                  B7                  C#m
So I’m just spinning around,.. around,.. around the world!

A                  B7                  C#m
suki ni kiri ga nai ga nai ga nai kara

A                  B7                  C#m
spinning around,.. around,.. around the world

A                  B7                  C#m
toki ni modokashii omoi tsutaetaikara

[Bridge 2]~
A                  G#m                   C#m
Ton ton tonkara rin to todokanai

A                   G#m                  C#m
son'na I LOVE YOU mo aru desho

A                  G#m                   C#m
kon kon kongaragatte hodokenai

A                  G#m                   C#m
koi ni mirakuru wo okosu yo

Kamisama watashi ga

anata no kamisama

mitai ne
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