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Basic Chords Mastodon - Toe To Toes

[Intro :]

[Verse :]
        G    C
I have seen this once before
I have felt these colors
        G        C
I have known you for so long
When we ran in circles

For our sake
                F  C
I will wait for you

Am                      G
I walk alone, into the darkness
        F                                    E
I came toe to toe and face to face with the beast
Am                                G
He knew me by my name, it was surprising
        F                            E
He knew everything about me that I despised

I have seen this once before
I have felt these colors
I have known you for so long
              G          C F C
When we ran in circles

Am                      G
He had gold and he had silver
                F                                E
He had all the women and wine that you'd ever need
Just one thing, a prick of your finger
F                                                    E
Spell your name in the sand and do it with your own blood

[Instrumental :]
C Am G C G
C D C Am

[Faster :]
C Am C Am C

[Verse :]
Am                        C
Bitten by the fangs of circumstance
Am                C
Outward light a reflection
Am          C
We are all equal
Am              C      Am
Underneath the slab of material
mutable ways of my fortune
Bitten by my fangs

[Drop :]

[Verse :]
Am                          G
Gave me a smile, gave me a whisper
      F                          E
Lay me down in linens to watch me sleep
I played the fool
I played the sinner
I played the part of me that no one wanted to see

[Solo :]

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