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Basic Chords Chris Cornell - When Bad Does Good

capo : 1st fret


           F            Am
Standing beside an open grave
              F                 Am
You're fate decided, your life erased
           C               D
Your final hour has come today
Lit by the fire
Of your temples burning

           Am        C
You were a child and so was i
        F               Am
Now you're a hunter but i am a lion
And i will cut you down
Like i've done so many times
              F               C
But sometimes bad can do some good
          F               C
Sometimes bad can do some good
          F               G   E
Sometimes bad can do some good


  and i heard you say that
Flesh sells by the pound
When blood is raining down
It cuts a deep river
And i'm diving

Now shine a light down
Onto the earth
And shake this gold dust out
Out of the dirt

No saints beside me
And no prayers to guide me
            F             C
Sometimes bad can do some good
F               C
Bad can do some good
            F             E
Sometimes bad can do some good


G      Am      C      D
F      Am


I've chosen a side
And i will show no pity
And spare no lives
For those who try me
Let it be understood
          F               C
Sometimes bad can do some good
          F               C
Sometimes bad can do some good
          F               E
Sometimes bad can do some good

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