Released: 2017

Bm          Bm    F#
The train’s motion
Bm      G
Untidy echo
Bm      E    Bm F#m G F#m
And she pants

G            F#m
She asked me why I’m here but I come here every night
Bm            F#m                    Bm                G
Do you need to tell her something? No I need a place to write
And as the sea of darkness forms and casts us into night
F#m                            G              Em
You ask me what her name was called but I found it hard to write
F#m                                    Em
One time I was impaled forlorn and thrown into a pile
Bm                          F#                  G
I said you know where I’m coming from and she looked me in the eye
Loverboy you drown too quick
You’re fading out of sight

Bm                  F#m  G
Is it the numb density? Can’t even look her in the eye
F#m                                        E
Where tiny men have been absorbed for questioning the sky
Bm                      F#m                G
To when and where the stars were formed, that glance upon this night
Bm                  F#m        D          E
Lightyears to sit upon and paint us as we lie
Bm                      F#m                      G
And to think it’s us she’s wasted on, can’t even look her in the eye

Bm                                        E
See I’ve found a new place to mourn, she asked me who died
Bm                F#                Bm                G
Well if there’s a darker uniform, I need a place to hide
Bm              F#                    E
As simple as his faith had gone, the burning of the spire
Bm                F#                                          Em  Bm A
And yet he still searched for warmth but it was cold by the fire

Bm          A                    Em
She grips me tight, she grips me tight
      G                F#m  D Em
But I still rip at the seams
Bm          C#m          D
I can’t sleep at night, never slept at night
G                          F#m    D E
But she still sits in my dreams
Bm          C#m              G
I’m out of sight, so out of sight
              Bm          F#m            A    E
But she sees what I see, she’s watching me
Bm            G  F#  Bm  G D Bm A Bm
She’s still watching me
She still sees what I see
F#m              D
The train’s motion
Untidy echo
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