[Verse 1 :]
      B    A#m
Well same old Bobby, same old beat
E         G#m      B       A#m
Well yeah they got nothing on me
E     G#m            B       A#m
  The same old cars, same old  streets
E         G#m     B    A#m
  But yeah they got nothing on  me
E     G#m      B     A#m
  And easy come and easy  go
E           G#m        B    A#m
  Well yeah I'm sure I told you  so
E       G#m         B      A#m
  Well they just want you for your  dough
E     G#m        B    A#m
  Man I'm sure I told you  so

[Bridge :]
E  G#m     B
  And with your  dead - end job
      A#m    E
That's been eating away your life
      G#m       B
You feel a little inside
        A#m    E
The trouble and  strife
      G#m         B
And now you spend your evenings
    A#m    E
Searching for another life
      G#m       B
And yeah I think, mate
A#m     E
I think you've got them in your  sights

[Chorus :]
      B     A#m
Well, easy easy
E       G#m  B     A#m
..There's no need to take that  tone
E      G#m  B    A#m
..Well ea - - - - - - sy
E        G#m    B
..I'm on the telephone
    A#m  E
Man just leave us  alone

[Verse 2 :]
      G#m  B     A#m
    Ow no I should've kept my receipts
..Cause the sandwich I bought
                G#m      B
Yeah it's been off for a week
            A#m          E        G#m
And 'low Tesco's stealing my money
B                A#m    E
..When positivity seems hard to reach
      G#m       B
I keep my head down and my mouth shut
                A#m    E
Cause if you going through hell
We just keep going

[Outro :]
B        A#m  E
..You're easy,
      G#m  B    A#m  E
so  easy
      G#m        B     A#m
....You're easy
E     G#m    B
..Man just leave us alone
      A#m        E
I'll be one minute on the  phone
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