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Dm Bb F C
Dm Bb F C

This loneliness,
  Bb             F           C
I feel inside is hard to bear
     Dm        Bb
Jehovah, I can see
             F   C
where I went wrong
Dm               Bb
Feelings so down hearted,
       F                 C
I need strength to carry on
    Dm             Bb
I'm yearning to be back
        F    C
where I belong

    F                  C
I remember things you taught me,
Dm             Bb
things I still recall
The precious truths found
C            Dm  Bb
in your Holy Word
     F        Gm
And even if I stumble,
Am        Bb
even if I fall
F      C        F
I can get back up

  Dm                Bb
I know the ones who care for me,
     F                C
who showed their love before
Dm              Bb
Those who love Jehovah
         F     C
from the heart
      Dm          Bb
Your Word is like lamp,
that lights the way
that leads me back
      Gm              F
The roads to life is where
I want to be
     Gm           Bb
Everywhere I go, everything I see,
    F             C
reminds me of the truth
    Gm     F       C
The end is drawing near

     F              C
So Jehovah Father, please
         Dm   Bb
hear my pray tonight
And help me now
     C            Dm   Bb
I'm in my time of need
    F                 Gm
You know that when I stumble
   Am    Bb
so many times
F      C        F
I can get back up

   Dm    Bb          F
I know Jehovah understands
    Dm             Bb      F
Sometimes I need a helping hand
   Dm              Bb
He knows that I am weak
               F            C
and sees what others cannot see
     Dm              Bb      F ( C )
He's looking for the best in me

       F            C
So I'm going to the Hall tonight,
   Dm              Bb
to feel the love I lost
F               C      Dm  Bb
Back to where I know I belong
    F         Gm
And even if I stumble
Am        Bb
even if I fall
F      C        F
I will get back up

F C Dm Bb

F     C        F
I can get back up
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