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[Verse 1]~
You can hear the songbirds singing

And you watch the clouds roll by

Then your walking in the valley

As the sun shines in a clear blue sky

You’re welcoming your loved ones

B                  G#
And you can’t believe your eyes

A               B
Yes this earthly paradise

A       G#        E
Was just around the corner

[Verse 2]~
Theres a house down in the valley

And a house high on the hill

There is singing by the river

As the water flows and turns the mill

The golden fields are waiting

B                    G#
Let the harvesting begin

A                         B
Once the world were living in

A     G#      E
Was just around the corner

It’s great to share with friends who care

B                               A#
The things that we looked forward to

Now every tear has disappeared

The world is young and life is new

[Verse 3]~
Theres a sound of happy voices

And the scent of new mown hay

Now your calling to your loved ones

As you start another perfect day

Then we thank our God Jehovah

B                      G#
For His tender loving care

A                       B
Yes the blessings we all share

A      G#        E
Were just around the corner

And every day Ill smile and say

B                       A#
“How good to see your happy face”

Cause once it seemed I only dreamed

That you’d be in my warm embrace

[Verse 4]~
Waiting ‘round the corner

Is a world I long to see

It’s a promise from Jehovah

It’s a guaranteed reality

And its hard to get downhearted

B                          G#
When I think of whats in store

A                       B
It’s the day I’m waiting for

A     G#       E
And its just around the corner
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