Just Dumb Enough To Try CHORDS by Father John Misty

[verse (1)]

F                C
  i know a few ten-cent words
F                          C        Am
  i can break out to keep up with her
Dm                      Em             F
  but you can take what i know about love
     E                F
And drown it in the sink

[verse (2)]

F                    C
  i know my way around a tune
F                         C
  won't be a single dry eye in a room
Dm                      Em           F
  but you can take what i know about you
       E                    F
And maybe fill a small balloon


    C                         F
But i'm just dumb enough to try
To keep you in my life
For a little while longer
    C                        F
And i'm insane enough to think
I'm gonna get out with my skin
And start my life again


Dm   Em      E   F
         C       F       C
         Dm       Em   F   Em   E   F

[verse (3)]

F                         C
  i'm no stranger to the female form
F                              C
  oh, i've been here a few tiмes before
  Dm                       C      F
Ooh, but you could have me anytime
               E                       F
Everything's cool, i'm great, it's fine


        C                         F
Oh, but i'm just dumb enough to try
To keep you in my life
For a little wнile longer
    C                        F
And i'm insane enough to think
I'm gonna get out with my skin
And start my life again


C   F   Em   D
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Published : 2018-04-18 13:35:09

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About Father John Misty

Father John Misty songs
Joshua Michael Tillman (born May 3, 1981), also known as J. Tillman or Father John Misty, is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and drummer. Maintaining a steady output of solo recordings since 2004, Tillman was a former member or toured with Demon Hunter, Saxon Shore, Fleet Foxes, Jeffertitti's Nile, Pearly Gate Music, Siberian, Har Mar Superstar, Poor Moon, Low Hums, Jonathan Wilson, Bill Patton, The Lashes, Stately English, and has toured extensively with Pacific Northwest artists Damien Jurado, Jesse Sykes, and David Bazan.