G                               F
I never meant to make it such a mess

G                             C
I never thought that it would go this far

G         C          Cm
So I just stand here sorry

G             A
Searching for something to say

Something to say

       C   D       G  C
Words fail,.. words fail

C               D      G
There's nothing I can say

G    C
G    C

G                            C
I guess I thought I could be part of this

G                         C
I never had this kind of thing before

G           C    Cm
I never had that perfect girl

G    A                    C
Who somehow could see the good part of me

G                       C
I never had the dad who stuck it out

G                   C
No corny jokes or baseball gloves

G         C         Cm
No mom who just was there

G                 A                D
'Cause mom was all that she had to be

Em                  C
That's not a worthy explanation

G               D
I know there is none

Em               Bm                 Am          D      Am
Nothing can make sense of all these things I've done

G       C   D       G
Words fail,.. words fail

C       F
There's nothing I can say

      G                  C
Except sometimes,.. you see everything you wanted

F   G                  C
And sometimes,.. you see everything you wish you had

F                     G            Am    G
And it's right there,.. right there,.. right there

In front of you

        F         C
And you want to believe it's true

So you!!! make it true

C                        F
And you think maybe everybody wants it

And needs it

a little bit


Fm  A#  F  A#  C# C  G

F               A#
This was just a sad invention

F                 C
It wasn't real,.. I know

But we were happy

Am                 A#
I guess I couldn't let that go

I guess I couldn't give that up

I guess I wanted to believe

'Cause if I just believe

                    A#         C      Dm
Then I don't have to see what's really there

No,.. I'd rather pretend I'm something better than

These broken parts

Pretend I'm something other than

This mess that I am

'Cause then I don't have to look at it

And no one gets to look at it

F              A#     C
No,.. no one can really see

      Am               F              G
'Cause I've learned to slam on the brake

C        F    G
Before I even turn the key

Am       F        G
Before I make the mistake

C        F             Am       G
Before I lead with the worst of me

C                F       Am       G
I never let them see the worst of me

      'Cause what if everyone saw..?

What if everyone knew..?

Would they like what they saw..?

F C           F            G
Or would they hate it too..?

Dm                  G            C           F
Will I just keep on running away from what's true..?

C          Dm    F
All I ever do is run

         Dm     F
So how do I step in

             C Dm F  C Dm F
Step into the sun..?

             C Dm F  C Dm F
Step into the sun

C Dm F
C Dm F
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