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F5    Fmaj7    Bbmaj9/F    C7sus/F

[Verse 1]
End of May, or early June
   Fmaj9                        Bbmaj9/F    C7sus/F         
This picture-perfect afternoon, we share
Drive the winding country road
Grab a scoop at "A La Mode"
Bbmaj9/F             C7sus/F
And then we're there
An open field that's framed with trees
We pick a spot and shoot the breeze
Like buddies do
Quoting songs by our favorite bands
Telling jokes no one understands
Except us two
      Dm       Bb             C( add4 )
And we talk and take in the view

F5    Fmaj7      F/A Bbsus2
All we see is sky for forever
F5    Fmaj7          F/A Bbsus2
We let the world pass by for forever
Dm7       F5/C         Bbsus2 F/A            G7( add4 )
Feels like we could go on for forever this way
          F/Bb C( add4 )    Fsus2    Fmaj9    Bbmaj9/F    C7sus/F
Two friends on a perfect day

[Verse 2]
We walk a while and talk about
    Fmaj9                            Bbmaj9/F
The things we'll do when we get out of school
Bike the Appalachian Trail
Or, write a book or learn to sail
Wouldn't that be cool?
There's nothing that we can't discuss
                                     Fsus2      F Fmaj9/A
Like girls we wish would notice us but never do
He looks around and says to me
         Bb( add2 )
"There's nowhereelse I'd rather be"
         Fsus2    F
And I say, "Me too"
          Dm Bb             C( add4 )
And we talk and take in the view
         Dm    Bb    C( add4 )
We just talk and take in the view

F5    F5/E      F5/A Bbsus2
All we see is sky for forever
F5    F5/E         F5/A Bbsus2
We let the world pass by for forever
Dm7       F5/C       Bbsus2 F5/A            Ebmaj9 F/Bb
Feels like we could go on for forever this way, this way

F5    F5/E       F5/A Bbsus2
All we see is light for forever
F5       F5/E             F5/A Bbsus2
'Cause the sun shines bright for forever
Dm7    C( add4 )    Bbsus2 F5/A             G7
Like we'll be alright for forever this way
       Bbmaj9 C( add4 )      F5
Two friends on a perfect day

   Db( add2 ) Ab/C
And there he goes
          Fm7          Eb( add4 )
Racin' toward the tallest tree
    Db( add4 ) Ab/C                  Fm7       Eb( add4 )
From far across a yellow field I hear him callin' "Follow me!"
Ebsus2 Bb/D            Gm7             Fsus
There we go wonderin' how the world might look from up so high
One foot after the other
One branch then to another
F( add4 )
I climb higher and higher
I climb 'til the entire sun
            Eb F/Eb Eb( add2 )
Shines on my face

       Gm       F       Bbsus/D Ebsus2
And I suddenly feel the branch give way
I'm on the ground
          Dm/G   Gm
My arm goes numb
I look around
And I see him come to get me
He's come to get me
Eb                     F( add4 )
And everything's okay

G5    Gmaj7    G5/B Csus2
All we see is sky for forever
G5    Gmaj7         G5/B Csus2
We let the world pass by for forever
G5/E   Gmaj7   Csus2 G( add4 )/B G5   Fmaj9 Cmaj9
Buddy, you and I for forever this way, this way

G5    G5/F#       G5/B Csus2
All we see is light
G5       G5/F#    G5/B   G5/C
'Cause the sun burns bright
G5/E Gmaj7/D   C( add2 ) G5/B            A7( add4 )
We could be alright for forever this way
Two friends
True friends
    D7      Gsus2    Gmaj9    Cmaj9/G    D7sus/G    G5
On a perfect day
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Published : 2017-06-02 05:41:15

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