Waiting On A Song Chords

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Album: Waiting on a Song
Released: 2017

G D G C x2

      G                D
I been thinking and been hummin'
      G                C
I been pickin and I been strumming
    G       D            G    C G
Just waiting, waiting on a song
      G                  D
I been hitching and I been thumbin'
      G             C
I can almost hear one coming
       G       D            G    C G
I'm just waiting, waiting on a song

[Chorus 1]
I looked down in my pocket
Underneath the bed
Walked under the lamp post
       G            D
And one hit me on the head

    G                   D
Am I blind or too dumb to see
       G                C
All the sound surrounding me?
       G       D            G    C G
I'm just waiting, waiting on a song

       G             D
You can look up at the stars
       G                  C
Bow your head and count the cars
                G       D            G    C G
You'll still be waiting, waiting on a song
          G             D
might be a blue bird or a crow
    G                C
On a cord between two poles
            G       D            G    C G
They're just waiting, waiting on a song

[Chorus 2]
Songs don't grow on trees
You gotta pick em' out the breeze
Fall down on your knees
    G             D
And pray one comes along

          G                  D
When those railroad gates come down
          G            C
You gotta stop and turn around
            G       D            G    C G
Or you'll be waiting, waiting on a song
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Published : 2017-07-07 06:44:41

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