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Basic Chords Katelyn Tarver - Parallel Universe



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capo: 2nd fret
C  G  DC  G  DC
[verse (1)]
Ci crashed my Gcar on tuesdDay
sat on the side of the highCway
and beat mysGelf up for an hoDur
Ci picked a fiGght with my mDom
for something that i did wrCong
and cried aboGut it in the shoDwer
and it's been Cone of these weGeks where i don't kDnow what i want
and it's maCking me thGink that i've done eDverything wrong
is there a verCsion of Gme who did things diDfferently?
and if you're oCut theGre, i Dwonder
did you gCet rich and faGmous from that Dpart that i turned down?
did you hCave a couple kGids and did you stDay in our hometown?
did you slCeep with lots of peopGle, try cocDaine on your 21st?
are you haCppy? is it betGtеr? is it woDrse
in a paAmrallel universCе?   G     D
a parAmallel uniCverse   G    D
[verse (2)]
Ci know it's Gin my natuDre to think there's something greatCer
than what i Ggot in front of Dme
Cis there a biGgger purpoDse? is it all pre determCined?
does it Gall mean anythDing?
'cause it's just oCne of those thiGngs where i don't kDnow what i wAmant
but when i sCtop and thGink, it's been goDod all along
is there a veCrsion of Gme who did things dDifferently?
and if you're oCut therGe, i wDonder
did you fiCnd a man who lGoves you half as Dgood as mine loves me?
did your fCamily become yGour best friends like mDine turned out to be?
did you fCind a way to Glet go of all the pDain you don't deserve?
are you haCppy? is it betGter? is it woDrse
in a paAmrallel univCerse? (Gooh)   D
a parallel unCiverse (Gooh, Din a paAmrallel univeCrse, ooGh)  D
(in a parallel universe, oCoh)  G   D
ain't it fuCnny how we all end Gup with thDings we'd wanna change?
embarCrassed of our stoGries, holding Don to all the shame
and if they fiCgured out a wGay for me to Dgo and talk to her
it's probably beCtter and it's proGbably kinda woDrse
in a parallel uniCverse  G    D
a parAmallel uCniverse  G   D
(ooh, ooh)
C  G  DC  G  D


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About Katelyn Tarver

Katelyn Tarver (born November 2, 1989) is an American actress and singer. She is known for her recurring roles as Jo Taylor on the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush, Natalie on the ABC series No Ordinary Family, and Mercedes on ABC Family The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

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