Thirteen Silver Dollars Chords

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[Verse 1 :]
It was a cold and cruel evening
          C              G
Sneaking up on Speedy Creek
              D                G
Found myself asleepin' in the snow

For one or two odd reasons
I ain't too proud to repeat
  A                                D
For now we'll say I had no place to go
There was a rustle and a humming
      C                G
Just hauling down the street
I drew myself up from my icy bed
G                                      C        G
Painted on that shiny car the letters 'RCM and P'
G                    D
I can feel a little aching in my head

[Verse 2 :]
And then out jumps this old boy
      C                G
About twice the size of me
                  D                G
He asked me for my name and where I dwelt

I just looked him in the eye
              C            G
And sang 'Blue Yodel Number 9'
A                                        D
He didn't catch the reference, I could tell

Then the old, familiar click
        C                G
and the handcuffs bind and grip
                          C              G
Should have left me in the snow, where I laid

He just laughed and touched his gun
And turned to me and said
G                          D
Son, I bet you don't own a damn thing
To your name

[Chorus :]
Well, I got my health


      D                              G
Got a bottle full of baby's bluebird wine
And I left my stash
Somewhere down in Preston
          D                              G
Along with thirteen silver dollars and my mind

Well, I got my health


      D                              G
Got a bottle full of baby's bluebird wine
And I left my stash
Somewhere down in Preston
          D                              G
Along with thirteen silver dollars and my mind
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Published : 2017-10-18 05:00:09

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