How Does A Moment Last Forever CHORDS by Celine Dion

[Verse 1]~
C         G           C
How does a moment last forever!!..?

F                    C
How can a story never die!!..?

     F                C
It is love we must hold onto

     Am           G
Never easy,..!! but we try

C            G            C
Sometimes our happiness is captured

F                                C
Somehow,..!! our time and place stand still

F              G        C         Bm     E
Love lives on inside our hearts and always will

Am              F     G                  Am
Minutes turn to hours,..!! days to years then gone

C           G                C
But when all else has been forgotten

F        G          C
Still our song lives on

[Verse 2]~
D#         A#                 D#
Maybe some moments weren’t so perfect

G#                         D#
Maybe some memories not so sweet

      G#                D#
But we have to know some bad times

      Cm       A#
Or are lives are incomplete

D#            A#          D#
Then when the shadows overtake us

G#                            D#
Just when we feel all hope is gone

     G#                A#        D#
We’ll hear our song and know once more

   Dm         G
Our love lives on

[Verse 3]~
D#         A#          D#
How does a moment last forever!!..?

G#                     D#
How does our happiness endure!!..?

           G#             D#
Through the darkest of our troubles

       Cm             A#
Love is beauty,..!! love is pure

D#           A#      D#
Love pays no mind to desolation

  G#                             D#
It flows like a river through the soul

G#                      A#   D#
Protects,..!! persists,..!! and perseveres

   Dm       G
And makes us whole

Cm             G#     A#                 Cm
Minutes turn to hours,..!! days to years then gone

D#           A#            D#
But when all else has been forgotten

G#        A#         D#
Still our song lives on

D#           A#           D#
That's how a moment lasts forever

G#       A#         D#
When our song lives on
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Published : 2017-07-20 09:06:47

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