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[Verse 1 :]
    C#m                    A          F#m
..You're saying that you miss me, oh well
    C#m                A                F#m
..Never even got a kiss without a countdown
It's time to face the facts
You treat me like a snack
Only text back when you're hungry
Your love's so insecure
You're never really sure
Boy, you never listen

[Refrain :]==
|         B          Ab
| I'm not gonna write another
|     C#m            F#
| stupid song about you, baby

[Verse 2 :]
     C#m                     A          F#m
..You're saying that you're sorry, so what?
     C#m                A                F#m
..You ask me what I want, for you to shut up
It's time to come to terms
Put myself first
When your bubble bursts got soap in your eye
                C#m                    A
Telling you it's wrong to break into my songs
Boy, you got them missing

[REPEAT Refrain :]==
|         B          Ab
| I'm not gonna write another
|     C#m            F#
| stupid song about you, baby

[Bridge :]
So take this as my last reply
And play it when you're lonely
Don't you say I didn't try
to reach your hand to hold me
I just wanna walk the line
Press record and hit rewind
A              F#m      E
I've made up my mind to erase you

[Outro :]
  G#m    E
Oh,  to erase you
  G#m    E
Oh,  to erase you
  G#m  E
Oh,  oh
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Published : 2018-01-09 05:59:02

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