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Basic Chords Billie Eilish - What Was I Made For?



chordband » Billie Eilish » What Was I Made For?

no capo!
C  Em  F  C  Em  F
[verse (1)]
i used to flCoat, nEmow i just fFall down
i used to knCow, bEmut i'm not sFure now
what i was madCe for Em
Fwhat was i Ammade forEm?   F
[verse (2)]
takin' a drCive, Emi was Fan ideal
looked so aClive, tEmurns out i'm Fnot real
just somethin' you pCaid foEmr
Fwhat was i mAmade foEmr?   F
'cDmause Gi, i
i doCn't know Emhow to fFeel
but i wCanna trEmy    F
i doCn't know hEmow to feFel
but somCeday, Emi miFght
soAmmeday, Emi mighFt
Cmm, Emmm, aFh
Cmm, Emmm, mFm
[verse (3)]
when did it eCnd? Emall the enFjoyment
i'm sad agCain, dEmon't tell my Fboyfriend
it's not what he's maCde forEm     F
what was i mAmade foEmr?   F
'causeDm i, 'caGuse i
i dCon't know Emhow to fFeel
but i waCnna tEmry   F
i doCn't know Emhow to feFel
but somedCay, Emi mighFt
somAmeday, Emi mighFt
think i forgCot hEmow to be hapFpy
somethin' i'm Cnot, but sEmomethin' i can bFe
somethin' i waCit foEmr   F
somethin' i'm mAmade foEmr    F
Dmsomethin' i'm mGade for


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About Billie Eilish

Bille Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell (born December 18, 2001), known professionally as Billie Eilish, is an American singer and songwriter signed to Interscope Records.

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