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Bethel Music is an American worship group from Redding, California, where they started making music in 2001, at Bethel Church. They focus on producing worship songs and albums that are largely written and recorded by members of their Artist Collective. From 2009 to 2013, Bethel Music rapidly grew from being a relatively small local church music ministry to becoming a fully-fledged record label and publishing company, featuring songwriters and worship leaders based out of Bethel Church in Redding, California. In January 2015, Bethel Music launched their Artist Collective, expanding their group of locally based artists to include North Carolinians Josh Baldwin and Jonathan and Melissa Helser.
[Verse 1]~
C            F
You stood outside my grave
C                 F
With tears still on Your face
C            F
I heard You say my name
C             F
My night was turned to day

    C     C/E
You came
  F                   C
I knew that You would come
    C     C/E
You sang
   F             C
My heart it woke up
    C             C/G
I'm not afraid, I see Your face
C/E   F
I am alive
    C     C/E
You came
  F                   C
I knew that You would come

[Verse 2]~
C                 F
You said death's only sleeping
C                 F
With one word my heart was beating
C          F
I rose up from my grave
C            F
My fear was turned to faith

You are a miracle-working God
You are a miracle-working God
Am      F
You are a miracle-working God
You are a miracle-working God
You are a miracle-working God
Am      F
You are a miracle-working God
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