Gravity Chords

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[Verse 1]
Cm         Bb
I get caught up
   Gm       F    Eb
In all these petty things
       Cm            Bb         F
Losing sight of what matters to You
    Cm       Bb
But then You come
    Gm      F      Eb
And take me by the hand
         Cm       Bb       F
You say, “Come up here with me”

And then my feet came off the ground
You lifted me above the clouds
    Bb/D                               Eb
As I look down the whole world seems so small
Past the stars through space and time
And I forget what’s left behind
       Bb/D                        Eb
As I’m surrounded by these grander things
Up here in perfect harmony
You’re orchestrating galaxies
       Bb/D                        Eb
They’re lighting up as fas as I can see
          Eb    F    Bb/D    Eb
The majesty
          Eb    F    Bb/D    Eb
The mystery

[Verse 2]
    Cm    Bb
Your gravity
Gm       F       Eb
Pulls me close to You
      Cm Bb      F
And I can breathe again
Cm       Bb
Here with You
       Gm      F       Eb
There’s nothing more to say
         Cm         Bb         F
And it’s clear what matters to You

Cm    Bb
Gm   F       Eb
High above it all
Cm   Bb       F
Sovereign You are
Cm   Bb
I can rest
       Gm       F       Eb
‘Cause it’s all in Your hands
Cm    Bb      F
Sovereign You are
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Published : 2017-06-08 21:14:25

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