C  G  D   Em   C   G   D

[Verse 1]~
       C          G
Father open up my eyes

  D              Em      C     G
So I might truly see

Everything you have done for me

         C             G
Lord I'm tired and I'm torn

D                  Em       C        G
My face is on the floor

Break these chains and set me free

                C      G       D
Lord I wanna be washed clean

                          C      G       D
Don't you know I wanna be washed clean

[Verse 2]~
       C            G
Father take away my pride

D             Em      C     G
Just set it all aside

So I might hear what you have to say

         C               G
Lord I'm tired of all my guilt

D                    Em      C     G
I'm tired of all my shame

Break these chains and set me free

                C      G       D
Lord I wanna be washed clean

                         C      G        D
Don't you know I wanna be washed clean

              C                   G
Cause I been living a lie that I just couldn't see

     D                           Em              C  G
And holding on to things that I just didn't need

But you took these hands and washed them clean

           C                      G
Oh like a blind man lost in the middle of the night

D                      Em            C  G
You came down and you opened my eyes

And I won't ever be the same

Oh that's what Jesus

D             C
Jesus did for me

C       G         D        Em          C          G         D

[Verse 3]~
            C            G
So now I've opened up my eyes

    D               Em     C   G
And swallowed all my pride

I finally let you lead the way

      C               G
And I fall down on my knees

          D               Em      C     G
I'm just a Brother of your Grace

And I won't ever be the same

               C        G      D
Lord you know that I am washed clean

                      C       G     D
Oh you know that I am washed clean
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