Released: 2016

C Em
C Em

Backseat aqua blue Honda
'92 paint falling off
I could be just who I wanna
Before I found you I was lost
Don't break down baby don't break down
C          G
I turn you on when the drugs get loud
Like walking in cuz you make me proud
Like walking out we could hit that couch
No range rover no hangover no
Bm  C
No attitude when I ain't sober no
      Em                                  Bm
Speak soft but I mean all the things that I say
I mean you a queen I apologize if I stray
TV lit only thing on in this room
Bm      G                                    Em
Besides you and me and our theme song is this moon
True indeed put your rings next to your shoes
Til the sunlight expose all that we do

C Em x4

[Verse 2]
Backseat back on the road now
Iowa in some town
Gas station I call you
You at work and I'm down
Pass 3 states and I can't let go
You call back but I'm at my show
I call back but you sleep I know
I send texts to your roommates phone
C Em
No reason to be stressed now but I bleed
Bm Em
No words said in 2 days but we agreed
C  Em                                      Bm
Let life call and don't get stuck in the past
Eyes on the road if you look back you gon crash
TV lit only thing on in this room
And I scroll back through the pics just to get through
Wanna hop a flight but afraid what I might see
G             Em  G Bm G Em G Bm G
Used to be you and me now it's just me
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