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Album: Purgatory
Released: 2017

Dsus2 Bm G A Dsus2

Up in Pocahontas, near the Cranberry Glades
Bm             G             A            Dsus2
Ain’t got bars, nor the charge to call her anyways
Bm                G          A                      Dsus2
My mind’s a mile a minute, my thoughts they bark like hounds
       Bm            G                A       Dsus2
but I’m focused on my breathing in the universal sound

I think about my darling girl, sleeping all alone
Bm                  G                A             Dsus2
I pray the stars will shoot her all the wishes she can hold
      Bm       G       A             Dsus2
On the day that I return, I aim to lay her down
    Bm            G             A       Dsus2
But right now, I’m focused on the universal sound

I think about tobacco juice and Mason jars of shine
Bm             G             A            Dsus2
I think about the vices I’ve let take me over time
Bm                  G             A            Dsus2
I recall when I was a baby, I didn’t need nothing around
      Bm          G             A       Dsus2
But a little bitty rattler and the universal sound

G       Dsus2
I close my eyes
      G      Dsus2
It was all so clear
      G       Dsus2
It was all right then
It was all right here

I’ve been up on the mountain, and I’ve seen his wondrous grace
    Bm            G                  A                Dsus2
I’ve sat there on a bar stool, and I’ve looked him in the face
Bm             G             A                Dsus2
He seemed a little haggard, but it did not slow him down
      Bm            G          A       Dsus2
He was humming to the neon of the universal sound

I focus on my breathin’ in the universal sound
Bm            G            A             Dsus2
I let it take me over from the toenails to the crown
       Bm            G            A            Dsus2
‘Til the body that I’m in, ‘til they put me in the ground
      Bm            G            A       Dsus2
And I return to the chorus of the universal sound
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Published : 2017-07-14 06:02:25

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