Album: States
Released: 2013

[Verse 1]
D              E
You're a bitter kind
Bm        A
I love you so
D          E
Sour is my mind
Bm              A
From what you sow
Bm          A
How I let it grow

[Chorus 1]
E        D
Call them radiant
E        D        A
Call them mother's eyes
E        D      E        D    A
Home's a narrow space for me to find
E      D      E      D      A
Your beguiling state in endless heights
D                  E
I'm just not moving right
D              Bm                      A
Just not moving right when it's just not you

[Verse 2]
D          E
Under neon lights
Bm      A
Where I wake
D              E
I'm not feeling right
Bm      A
So they say
Bm              A
Rough kind of a day

[Chorus 2]
E      D        E        D      A
Don my clothing, robes of ancient white
E      D          E    D        A
Rattled windows on the old green line
E      D      E      D        A
Do you feel it like I hope you might?
D              E
Just not seeing right
D              Bm
Just not seeing right
When its just not you
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