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E        Emaj7    Bm      Bm7
E        Emaj7    Bm      Bm7

[Verse 1]~
E                  Emaj7                              Bm                   Bm7
Sittin' in my room starin' out the window,.. I'm wondering where you've gone

E                       Emaj7               Bm               Bm7
Thinkin' back 'bout the happy hours just before the dawn!

A                   Asus  A       G#m  F#m                        D
Outside the wind is blowin',.. it seems to call your name!!

E                   Emaj7           Bsus          B
!!!!again!!!! Where have you gone..?

E                 Emaj7                Bm              Bm7
E                 Emaj7                Bm              Bm7
City streets and lonely highways I've traveled down!

E                       Emaj7               Bm             Bm7
My car is empty and the radio just seems to bring me down!

A                   Asus  A     G#m  F#m                        D
I'm just tryin' to find me a pretty smile that I can get into,..

E Emaj7                             Bsus     B
it's true! I'm lost without you!

G#                            G
Another park,.. another Sunday Why is it life turns out that way..?

F                                Asus A                  G    D E
Just when you think you've got a good thing,.. it seems to slip away!

D2                 E2
It's warm outside,.. no clouds are in the sky,..

D2                              E2
but I need myself a place to go
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